2nd Feb 2009, 00:07

I have a 1998 GMC Safari 2wd SLE. It has 397,000 km on it and still runs strong.

The only things I've had to replace are the distributor cap and the fan for the heater. The only other costs were just for regular maintenance, oil changes and such. I don't know why you guys are having so many problems, but this is the best vehicle I have ever owned, and when this one finally dies, I will be getting another. I hope you get things figured out.

20th Jul 2009, 17:22

I too am surprised at all the bad comments. We have a 1999 Safari. We have owned this for 7 years, and it always starts and runs good. I hate to admit I neglected this thing and am surprised it has not had more problems.

I have replaced the following:

* Alternator (I think I damaged it while jump starting someone else)

* Transmission rebuild at about 120,000 miles.

* Drivers window motor.

Aside from the above, and needing brakes & front tires a little sooner than our other cars, it's been a great car!

I do wish that there was something similar to this to upgrade to, but can't find anything like it.

We have 2 newer nicer cars, but keep this for hauling lots of people and for school field trips. And, it is hands down the family favorite for long road trips!

14th Dec 2009, 16:25

I owned a 1995 Chevy Astro, which was used to hunt deer. The first one bounced off the hood into the ditch and ran off into a field, but I killed the second one. Goodbye hood, driver's side fender, and grille. Drove it for 3 years, and never found parts to replace, and never went thru insurance. (Tip: your first no-fault accident eg hitting a deer becomes your first at-fault accident should you have another at-fault accident.)

Idler arms are an issue, but drove this van to the scrap yard, and saved as many parts as possible.

Bought a 2003 Safari, and bought a parts van for the '95, but the '98 had more new parts on it, and less miles so kept that one. All in all, very pleased with all three.

Sometimes a pain to work on (like the heater blower motor, or #4 spark plug) but enjoy working on them when I have to. Nothing else on the market compares. Have learned from the first one what the failure schedule goes like... parts do seem to fail around the same mileage.

Got the '98 from a guy who was tired of replacing parts, and I got it for $300. Tranny rebuild (owner ran it dry when I got it) and fuel pump are the only major repairs on the '98, and I've put 70,000KMs since I bought it. '03 still looks new at 110,000KMs.

7th Mar 2010, 00:24

Sorry to hear so many problems with the all wheel drive. I have a 99 all wheel drive with 147,456 miles. I bought it 1 year ago. I noticed the all wheel drive light is coming on and off, so I changed the oil auto track 2. Same issue. I'm only driving in rear wheel drive. Anyone have this problem? I will not even take it to the dealer.

9th Oct 2010, 11:20

I have a 94 GMC Safari. All of a sudden, the power steering was gone and it was very hard to steer. At the same time, the brakes were so hard to push, that I could hardly stop. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

I also have an antifreeze leak leaking onto the manifold. I was told it is the intake. I know I can't fix that myself, but I'm hoping that this steering and brake thing can be fixable. I don't have a lot of money, so need suggestions. Please help!!

25th Jun 2011, 08:30

I have found that with the many Astro Van's that I have had, the problem with handles breaking, and windows not moving normally is dried out parts (in doors mostly). Lubricate with silicon spray and you should be OK. And get new plugs for your door panels, and watch out for hidden screws!

With care Craig.