3rd Oct 2004, 01:40

I drive a 1998 GM Safari (70,000 miles).While driving down hill at low speed (20 mph) in a curve, the motor stopped. For about 2-3 seconds I had no control over the car. The brakes did not function properly. It took all my strength to pushed the brake peddle to the floor, but even at that, the response time was slow. I believe a tree stump helped in bringing the car to the final stop. If someone else has had that problem, please let me know.

16th Mar 2005, 12:07

I have 1995 Safari it's been pretty good. When you buy a used vehicle you must be prepared to spend a little bit of money. I've got the van about 1 1/2 years and spent about $900. It's still running good after 16,000 miles. I travel 56 miles a day to work, and some more on the weekends. Over all I'm happy with it. I've even got offers to buy it.

3rd Jan 2007, 11:25

I must be one of the few who had good luck with my 96 Safari.

165,000 miles. Only the usual problems that are to be expected. Vehicle is used pretty hard. Only major problem was a broken torsion bar. 20 mpg. I figure if I have to make a repair now and then it beats spending 20-30 grand on a new vehicle. If you consider $300.00-$400.00 monthly payments on a new vehicle, the occasional maintenance cost is nominal. When you finally get a new vehicle paid for, you'll be in the same position of having a vehicle with 100,000 plus miles on it again. But that's just me.

29th May 2007, 07:41

I "used" to own a 1995 GMC Safari SLE. Bought it in 2000 for $9000.00 with 56,000 miles on it.

It was a very dependable vehicle for me and I did lots of traveling. Things I had to replace were the brakes twice, the idler arms, shocks, and at 134,000 miles the blower motor for the heater.

Last week, I was driving and all of a sudden the van started to bog down. As I was on the interstate, I had to drive until there was an exit, did not want to pull over as it is dangerous.

Got to the bottom of the exit ramp and the van stalled. Had it towed to the repair shop and was told the engine had hydolocked. Apparently, the fuel regulator malfunctioned and injected gasoline into the engine. There was gasoline in the oil. So pretty much the engine was destroyed. Sold the van for $300.00 and bought another van.

11th Apr 2010, 08:17

I own a 1996 GMC Safari Van, and well it was a good running vehicle.. UNTIL...

First there was the water pump.. okay we changed this out. As it would overheat on occasion. So no biggie.

Then I had to have my brake lines done up, no problem there.

Then now I have a wiring issue. All through the van the inside lights just came on while driving, the headlights would not work and then work.. and then the heat and the radio and the windows stopped moving and running and turning on!

So now the check engine soon light is on, and as well the brake light, but the brakes are fine.

We changed out the headlights; still having issues. Trying to find out what the problem is with the wiring or something else.

We changed out the starter, nothing helped there.

We are selling it as soon as we are done fixing it.

I only have 135K on it, and well it is starting to nickel and dime me already.. and not going there with it.

14th Jun 2011, 11:06

While driving at speeds up to 100 MPH, the engine dies etc at 100 MPH. Sounds like your computer is misreading something.

14th Jun 2011, 11:15

I have a 96 Safari van.

I opened the back doors to remove some tools, then I closed both doors. While driving home someone almost rear ended me, so I put the gas to the floor, my big compressor must have slammed into the rear doors. Now I can't open the rear doors even though they won't close or swing open. It looks like they are held together by the top latch.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this problem? My key fob unlocks and locks the rest of the doors and activates the alarm.