17th Nov 2010, 04:23

For those that have issues with the "misfire codes on the Safari computer - I reset the erase these codes every month or so using a handheld scanner. I do not understand how a repair shop can tell someone they need a new computer as theirs stored too many codes?

3rd Jan 2011, 12:00

My wife and I have owned 7 GMC Safari vans, 1988, 1989, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2003. ALL have exceeded 200,000 km (120,000 miles).

In all of this 1,400,000 km, we had one major failure. The transmission in the 1999 went at 120,000 km and GM paid half the bill as the dealer said that was a bit early. The 2003 I'm driving right now has 244,000 km on it and is working great.

I have never driven anything better in the winter, Never. I have a 2008 Sierra 4X4 in the driveway too as GM and everyone else worth talking about has quit building small vans. The Safari at 244,00 km is still far superior to the pickup in the snow or on ice etc.

I see posts from people in 2009 complaining about having to replace the window motor on their van that is 11 years old and has 200,00 miles on it! Grow up. Cars need maintenance and stuff breaks. It's not like the throttle stuck wide open or your brakes failed.

The original tires on my current van lasted 100,000 km. The second set lasted 100,000 km. The third set are at 44,000 km and look like new. Where do you drive? Bumpy roads and poor wheel alignment and general lack of maintenance cause tire wear. Are you buying $20 blems at Joe's tires or are you buying good tires at a reputable dealer?

I get the van serviced at the GM dealer every 5,000 km. They do a lube oil filter and check for burnt light bulbs etc. They also point out stuff that needs attention before it becomes a big problem.

If the General was making a 2011 Safari AWD in the same general pattern as this one, I'd buy two today.

25th Sep 2011, 01:15

I own a 2002 Safari, and it is bar none the best van there is in the winter, providing it is the AWD model. Currently it has 275000 km and still runs smooth and quiet with plenty of power. I put a new idle air control box, plugs, wires, cap, and rotor, and the fuel economy spiked dramatically. I have every confidence that I can pull another 50k out of her.

23rd Feb 2016, 19:45

I now have coolant in my oil pan mixing with my motor oil. Have to find out what gasket it is, but I will probably just swap out the six and put in a Chevy small block V-8 (post '88). Did a Safari before with a 350. Had to make my own mounts and use Y style exhaust manifolds. TBI and intake and modify the fan shroud a bit. Other than that, it was really not much trouble. Difference this time, the SLE is AWD. Maybe I will just change it to two wheel with turbo 350 and cut the driveshaft to fit. It's really kind of fun!!