1989 GMC Sierra c1500 5.7 350 from North America


Best money I ever spent


The water pump has only went out once, at about 220,000 miles. The alternator has gone out twice since owning the truck. The transmission went out just before 300,000 miles. seats worn badly.

General Comments:

Love the truck, good acceleration and handling. Can't seem to find it in me to get rid of the truck. Never have had the engine rebuilt, and the only seal changed (other than the ones in the water pump) was the rear main. The only reason it was changed was due to having the fly wheel turned, so I just changed it while I was there.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2004

1989 GMC Sierra C1500 SLE 5.7L V8 (350) from North America


GMC is the best truck ever made


The idler arm and pitman arm had to be replaced at 72,000 miles.

The transmission blew at 72,161 miles. A complete rebuild including all new gears (all four forward and the reverse) was performed by Aamco Transmissions. Cost of repair: $2200 with Maryland tax.

The left front rotor warped and had to be replaced at 93,000 miles.

The battery died and was replaced at 95,000 miles.

The starter died and was replaced at 103,000 miles.

The idler arm and pitman arm were identified at being too loose to perform a front-end alignment. This problem occurred at 103,100 miles.

General Comments:

This 1989 GMC Sierra C1500 Step-side is the best truck I have ever owned. It beats owning any Ford Ranger.

This was originally a Michigan truck, but I bought it off of eBay in 2000 from a dealer in Florida.

The truck still bears the original two-tone maroon/silver paint, and it shines like a new vehicle.

The interior is original and is still in immaculate shape.

The cloth bench seat in this truck is the most comfortable I have ever sat on. I definitely prefer it over any bucket seat.

It seems to me that the original owner of this truck neglected the drivetrain.

Gas mileage and oil consumption were high when I bought it, but with a little TLC and some new parts, I have minimal oil consumption and the gas mileage up. The best gas mileage I have gotten is 17 in the city and 21 on the highway (in the summer)!

The truck is very quick with its 210 horsepower 350.

However, the step-side bed allows for very little cargo. A full bed will drop the gas mileage to 18 (at best) on the highway.

This is an all-stock truck, and it has proved to be "Professional Grade."

My next truck will definitely be another GMC (either a Z-71 or a diesel).

No more headaches with Fords or Silverados again!!!

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Review Date: 21st January, 2004

4th Mar 2004, 01:36

Maybe someone should let this guy know that a Sierra and a Silverado are the exact same truck with different badges and emblems. If you don't know that then you're not worthy of driving a GM product.

12th May 2004, 15:20

Yes I would have to agree.

30th Apr 2008, 07:11

An 89' Sierra with a baffed out, oil burning 350, with 210hp, I find hard to believe. However I agree with a Chevy and a GMC are the same trucks just a trim option. Same as S10 and Sonoma are the same trucks.

1989 GMC Sierra SLT 5.7 (350 Small Block!) from North America


Minor engine mods and this truck will perform, out of the hole this truck hauls


Fuel pump.



Belt tensioner, Belt.

Upper and Lower Ball joints.

CV Joints, U Joints all around.

Pitman arm, idle arm, center link, Tie rods.


Intake manifold gaskets.

Valve cover gaskets.

Rear brake drums and shoes changed for the first time at 128,000 miles!

New Radio.

Bench seat is terrible, especially when refurbished with Vinyl... made a sharp turn and I was in the passenger seat.

Brake lights actually disintegrated, due to poor harness design.

General Comments:

I threw a paint job and chrome rims from a 2001 GM truck on this Regular cab, flare-side bedded beast and she looks great!

This truck is quick, but put in a performance air filter, (and intake... although most could opt to just flip the air cleaner cover over), and a Borla exhaust and you will not only haul tail, you'll also get better mileage.

Transmission and rear end are like a Rock, but they need regular service to maintain this. Drop the pan and filter at least ever 30,000 miles over 100,000.

I drive this truck hard! Don't think all the stuff I've replaced has been in vain, these are things that normally go wrong with older vehicles. I expect get at least another 100,000 miles out of this truck, and then put it in a garage for my son.

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Review Date: 1st January, 2003

1989 GMC Sierra 5.7 from North America


Best truck ever


Loose ground wire caused the engine to run rough, couldn't find it, but when it was found and fixed it ran great.

General Comments:

Wish I hadn't sold it, have a 98 GMC 3/4 ton 4x4 just like it, it has been in the shop 14 times since new, the 89 wasn't in once.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2000

28th Oct 2001, 03:27

I have a 1989 GMC truck 117,000 miles on it. It is a great runner! 4.3 L vortec engine .I also have a PT cruiser and it's just sitting in my garage. It doesn't have the power I'm used to...

10th May 2003, 15:03

I have a red 89 GMC Sierra Pick up and I love it!! I would never get rid of it. I am from Alaska and have drove the pickup from Alaska to Ohio. The truck has 300,000 miles on it and it still runs great. Right now its in the shop getting a new paint job and we are going to turn the truck into a hot rod. My girlfriend has asked me to sell the truck because we have 2 kids but she has a car so I dont see any reason to get rid of the truck. I take it to work and on weekends we take the truck for a drive for cruising. Everyone always makes comments about my truck. I also named my baby girl Sierra after the truck.