1998 GMC Sierra K1500 5.0 (305) from North America


Decent overall truck for the age


Fuel tank filler tube snapped (rotted) and broke the lip on the tank, so both the tank / filler neck and both straps needed replacing.

New tires and rim (factory aluminum). The rim wore excessively in the collar, allowing the rim to vibrate excessively and snap off 3 of the 6 studs holding the wheel on.

Seats don't wear too well. My seat vinyl is ripped multiple places where you don't actually sit or touch it.

ABS light comes on and goes out again randomly.

Brake pads and rotors require frequent care, economy rotors warp very quickly. Be sure to buy the premium when it comes to the rotors of this truck.

General Comments:

The truck is overall comfortable and drives pretty good for a big truck (K1500 ext cab) 4WD.

Fuel mileage is OK on the highway, but in the city, be prepared to break out the wallet. Even if you idle around town, it's going to cost you.

The cabin is laid out nicely overall. Good stereo.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2013

1998 GMC Sierra C1500 5.0L / 305 from North America


Great old truck!!


Truck runs good. Bought it with a rebuilt title in 2007, since then the only thing I have replaced is the passenger door handle. As well a rear brake line blew, but that's just a regular thing that you can't do much to help.

Brakes are not the greatest, but after some adjustment to the rear drums, they work much better than they did.

Fenders and cab corners are starting to show rust, but won't be hard to fix a this point. The truck is 12 years old; rust is bound to start showing.

General Comments:

Truck is great, very reliable. Gas mileage is about as good as you get with an old truck averaging about 17 mpg, and no matter how you drive it or if you haul a trailer, it rarely goes below 15 mpg.

Doesn't burn any oil (unless you use 10W30 instead of 5W30, but even then it's very minimal).

As far as performance, it's an old half-ton, what do you expect, it doesn't corner like a Ferrari, but it gets you where you need to go, and has plenty of power in the hills, even with only a 305. Hope to drive the truck for quite a few years to come.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2010

1998 GMC Sierra C1500/ext L30 305 Vortec V8 5.0L from North America


I love my truck and it is never leaving me


I was reading through the posts regarding my vehicle, and realized that there was not one truck with a 305 posted here.

Normal maintenance and repairs.

Rear end got rebuild at 75000. Fuel pump at roughly the same time.

Tranny needed a new cone at around 120000.

Changed the wheel bearings at around 150000. This was strange due to the fact that the parts store ran out of American made ones and I had to go with a Chinese made one. So currently I am running an American on the drivers side front and a Chinese made one on the passenger front. No problems yet.

At 160000 miles the fuel sending unit went out.

For almost 20000 miles I have used the trip odometer to tell me when I get to 300 miles and then I refill. I just dropped the tank this weekend and replaced it.

At 175000 the steering speed sensor started to act up. Still is... I am looking to replace it very soon.

Other than that, not too much going on with her. I am expecting to get another 100K out of her.

General Comments:

Love it. Normal wear and tear on the truck and normal replacement of worn parts. Nothing out of the ordinary, not catastrophic.

It drives and handles like a truck built in 1998. I will continue to keep this truck in top running condition. It isn't that pretty, but it is dependable and is like a dear friend.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2009