1998 GMC Sierra SLE 4.3 from North America


This truck is just awesome


I had to replace the starter.

Had to replace the alternator.

General Comments:

This truck is AWESOME.

It runs great and handles great.

Although my piece around my door handle has broke, and I can't find anywhere that has them. I've tried the dealership, but they are really high. I've also tried other places, but they tell me my truck doesnt exist. It must, because I'm driving it. Can any one help me out?

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Review Date: 17th November, 2005

1998 GMC Sierra SE 7 liter V8 from North America


Great for pulling a horse trailer!


Roof leak, dripping on steering column. The source turned out to be toward the back in the left roof seam that is covered with painted molding. (Fixed under warranty)

Bad fuel pressure regulator and intake manifold gasket. Repaired at 73,000 miles by dealer. cost US$860.00.

Left door hinge pins are shot, need to be replaced. Dealer quoted $300.

General Comments:

We use it for hauling a big goose-neck horse trailer. You don't know it's there! Highly recommend this truck (3/4 ton club cab long bed) to horse owners.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2004

1998 GMC Sierra SLE 5.7 vortec from North America


One bad mother... well you understand


Just had to replace the alternator.

And a upper ball joint on the left side.

General Comments:

I love this truck I have never had any other truck to last like this one has.

Gm makes the most reliable truck and drive line combination than any other car make ever.

I recommend this vehicle to anyone who enjoys a good weekend 4 wheeling at the beach or going threw the local mud hole.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2004

15th May 2005, 01:40

Hey I just read your review, and totally agree about how great these trucks are for some 4 wheelin. Mine is a 97 Chevy Z71, and after a couple of weekend mudding trips I had to replace the starter, twice. Just wondering if there is any solution to this besides replacing it after serious mudding? It gets to be expensive, but the fun is still worth it!

13th Jan 2014, 20:47

Put a shield cover on it.

1998 GMC Sierra SLE 5.7L/350 from North America


The best vehicle I have owned, I would buy another.


At 65,000kms the car would not shift into 4x4 (has dash mounted electric switch). Dealer replaced the switch for $250CDN. Problem has never recurred.

General Comments:

This is by far the most reliable vehicle I have owned, even much better than my previous truck, a Toyota. I do not regret buying this truck at all, and would not hesitate to buy another with only the 1 minor problem. I have had many people ride in it, and a few drive it too, and many comment that it still feels like a brand new truck.


This car is very comfortable for long highway trips, it's primary use. It's also a very tough truck, having been used as a work truck, a farm truck, and for towing.

Performance is very good, and fuel economy for a large V8 is outstanding. Did I mention reliability? This truck should easily be on the road with no problems for another 100,000kms and probably another 100,000 after that.

Maintenance costs for the first 100,000 have been very cheap, however required services for the next 100,000 promise to increase. Still I believe the cost of service to be relatively low. The first tires lasted for 80,000kms and the front brakes for 100,000kms.

The design is clean and modern despite the fact that this model came out in the late 80s. Not until seeing pics of the new '04 F150 did I think my truck's design was in any way dated.

The price I paid was very good, but I bought it Dec.'98 after the new '99 design trucks had come out. I had also shopped many dealers and knew exactly what I should pay. The sticker price seemed to compare well with Ford stickers, and less than Dodge.


The truck's interior has 2 ergonomic quirks. The column automatic blocks view of the dash electric 4x4 shift buttons and light. A 4x4 light in the instrument panel would be nice. Also the left function stalk has way too many controls. Please GM, remove the cruise from there to simplify it and move it to the steering wheel.

The seats do feel somewhat squishy, unlike the harder more supportive seats in newer model trucks. Materials quality is fairly high, the vehicle doesn't show much wear, but commonly touched dash controls (headlight knob, radio volume, transmission shifter) show a fair amount of rubbing wear.

Basically there's not much to complain about at all with this car.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2003

1998 GMC Sierra SLT 5.1 from North America


I like the truck, BUT maintenance is getting costly


27K - brakes on one front wheel wore down to the metal. After several phone calls GM reimbursed me for the brake job.

43K - brakes went, master cylinder extended warranty covered it. Asked if this caused any damage to the shoes, they said no, they were fine.

49k - needed a brake job again.

* I am not hard on brakes, my old conversion van went 85k before needing brakes.

General Comments:

Is it normal for the '98 Sierra 1500 to need brakes every 23k miles? If so I need to find a vehicle where the brakes are designed better.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2001

24th Aug 2001, 15:11

I have had to replace the front brake pads five times, replace or turn the rotors due to over heating causing warped or cracked rotors four times.

I only have 47,000 miles on my 1998 3/4 ton GMC Sierra 4X4.

I told the dealer the second time I took it in for front brake pads that I thought it could be the brake fluid regulator/distribution unit. It seemed to me that there was too much pressure on the front brake in respect to the rear brakes.

Thanks, Lee Smith gls@sierratel.com