30th Aug 2009, 16:43

I am the original reviewer & still the current owner of this truck. I have now owned the truck for 3 full years. Currently, I have 64K+ miles on the truck.

I did have a few things that needed to be done to the truck over the last year.

The front driver's side hub bearing came loose and was replaced under extended warranty at 51K miles.

The front brakes were finally too warped for me to deal with and the rear brakes were worn to limits, so I replaced all of them around 52K miles.

I had to redo the rear shoes again due to defects brakes and that was around 54K miles.

I replaced the main drive belt tensioner around 53K miles, due to the tensioner started binding, and it wasn't keeping proper tension on the belt.

Finally the factory tires (Bridgestone Dueler's) just got replaced at 64K miles. It was a good run on those tires, but the wear bars were starting to wear so I got some MasterCraft AT2's to replace them. Also along with the tires I also installed a leveling kit, so the truck sits level and makes the truck look more aggressive in the front end, no more "nose down" look to this truck.

One thing I forget to mention last year was I had a front driveshaft seal that started seeping, and that was replaced under original factory warranty that was around 34K miles.

I still love this truck. I still have no complaints about this specific vehicle in anyway. I have seen various types of road conditions (dirt, rock, gravel, paved) in Georgia and the truck takes them all really well. With the new tires I look forward to doing some real off roading. I will comment on that next year after I get some wear time on them.

I look forward to seeing this truck roll over the 100K mile mark. This has been the longest I've owned & drove any one vehicle and look forward too many more years of service from this truck. I wholeheartedly recommend buying another GMC product... if I were to actually "want" to buy another truck, but not yet, I'm still having too much fun with this one.

30th Aug 2010, 19:02

I am the original reviewer & still the owner of this vehicle. Four full years & now at about 78K miles.

Not much has gone wrong except back around 73K miles, the vent valve on the fuel tank was stuck open and caused itself to burn out as well as take out my PCM, or at least the part that senses the valve position. Luckily my extended warranty, which expired today, covered the cost of the computer. I just paid for the valve replacement.

Also around 66K miles I changed out the front shocks, because they were due, not because they failed. Then I changed the rear shocks at 69K miles, same reason as front, I had to wait for parts to arrive so that's why I delayed the change.

The new tires & brakes are doing great. I did notice the front pads are wearing quickly but that's only due to city driving & my driving habits.

Now that the extended warranty has passed, now I'll start the add-ons, such as brush guard, mild body lift (3" or less), so on. Not going crazy just adding options.

I'm still very happy with my purchasing this vehicles and will not consider trading for a long time to come, but will definitely be GM when I do.

31st Aug 2011, 20:03

I am the original reviewer & owner of this truck. I am now at 5 full years & 86+k miles. I was away for 6 months of last year (military) so I didn't get to drive the truck as much, however I did have the front passenger wheel hub bearing come loose/broke. One corner marker on the front & one DRL blew out, replaced both on both sides.

Also I've lost quite a few of the radio/steering wheel lights over the years (haven't bothered getting it fixed).

Other than that, the truck body is starting to show its age, paint fade/damage, surface rust/dings/dents here & there. No serious off roading, but the truck performs well in all road conditions. I'm still thoroughly enjoying this truck. Thanks to GM for setting me up with the best vehicle I've owned to date. Continue to look forward to the oncoming years, especially next year when the truck is paid off.

10th Feb 2012, 22:29

Thank you for getting us updated with your truck!

30th Aug 2012, 09:19

Original reviewer checking in. 99k miles and the truck is doing great. No significant changes or problems in the last year, except now it's paid off.

The truck is now completely MINE!!!

What a great feeling and an awesome truck.

30th Aug 2013, 13:14

Original reviewer/owner for my annual check in. 7 years, 110k miles. Finally crossed the 100k mile mark. Going strong, just the normal wear/time items needed. Fuel gauge is not reading, tires are worn out again; so on, so forth. Nothing serious & nothing to complain about. Another great year complete, confident of many more to come.

2nd Sep 2014, 12:09

Original reviewer and still the owner... 8 years and 131,000 miles. I'm a little late on my annual comment, however I'm still here.

I had to replace the front driver's side hub bearing... again (it was a Timken, now a Moog).

The rear brakes and all 4 tires have been replaced due to wear.

Replaced the rear axle bump stops that rotted out.

My A/C belt was cracked real bad, so replaced just in case.

Performed a transmission pan drop and filter change and power steering fluid change (normal maintenance). Also replaced the driver's side differential axle shaft seal. One of the easiest fixes I've done so far on this truck.

I have installed a set of driving lights and an external 12 volt plug to the front of the truck, so now I have plenty of light and power for items such as my compressor up front.

Finally my fuel gauge still doesn't work (someday I'll get to that).

A couple of months ago I made a cross country trip from Georgia to California and back (about 5,000 miles total). The truck didn't miss a beat, even when hauling a trailer and a bed full of stuff.

The truck still performs great; when empty I can still get 20"ish" MPG and when loaded I have all the power I need to tow/haul. I'm getting ready to install the Corvette servo in the transmission once my part arrives.

I cannot complain... another successful year of service completed with my truck.

13th Jan 2015, 02:13

Original reviewer & owner. This will be my final comment on my truck. 136,612 miles. I was driving home doing the speed limit (55 mph) when someone pulled out from a side road and we collided. I managed to get off the road with no injuries or additional vehicles involved. The truck took the hit as intended, but it was a mortal wound. The frame was bent & the cab was mashed on the passenger side. The truck kept me safe one last time. Thanks GM for all the great years. This truck will me missed. RIP.

15th Jan 2015, 00:47

What about your 1976 Chevy pickup?

1st May 2015, 14:26

Still have the '76. She's currently in storage until I can get to the restore. A whole lot of work is still to be done before she is road worthy again. Plus it's only a regular cab, and with a family of four that just won't cut it. The good news is I got a hold of a 2000 Chevy Silverado 2500 ext cab to replace the GMC. Look for the review there.

26th Jun 2018, 03:01

I very much enjoyed reading this. I am considering buying this truck from my brother-in-law. I have wanted it since the day he bought it. Smooth ride.