13th Apr 2003, 07:40

Actually I believe he means they lubed the caliper slides which is a common thing, if this is not done the calipers will stick not the caliper pistons. Both need to move free!

20th Oct 2003, 17:31

I have a 2000 GMC Sierra with about 34000 miles on it. I recently began experiencing a pull to the right when I depressed the brake pedal. It is not severe, but very annoying. I don't know the cause, but plan to have it checked tomorrow. It has 4WD.

3rd Mar 2004, 17:56

I bought a 2000 GMC Sierra last year, and since then have had problems. There is one problem, in particular, that no one seems to know the cause of, or if there even is a problem (they think it is in my head. I had put a bigger tire on it... (changed my 245/75/16 to 265/75/16 and had no problems. I have had the tires on it for about 6 months, and recently noticed that it is shifting weird. It seems to be shifting up gears too early. Especially while driving up large hills, it shifts up gears, and I have to put it to the floor to get it to move. This is getting costly. I have had all the tune ups done, with a change of tranny fluid, pan and filter... did not make any change. Does anyone have any idea as to what the problem is?

28th Jan 2005, 10:23

I have a 2000 GMC Z71 and have noticed the sticking throttle. I have found this is caused by a dirty throttle body (hardened oil residue on the inner surface). I simply clean the inside of the throttle body regularly with a rag soaked in carb cleaner. Works good. I would like to know where to get the reprogrammer as I also have the high shifting truck which is annoying going up hills. Overall nice truck, but gas is getting expensive these days.

27th Mar 2005, 16:58

Well I have a 2000 and this is the first time I have had problem with it. My rear end differential needs to be replaced. I have the piston slap too, but all in all I still think it is a great truck. I have 123500 miles and this is the first problem. Late last year I took a trip and I got 24 mpg with 5.3 and 373 rear end. I will always buy a GMC.

17th Sep 2005, 23:45

There is a wealth of both information and misinformation in this review, and its comments.

Brake pads never need lubricated. The part commonly referred to as "sliders" should be lubricated during brake pad replacement, but often is not.

The reference to transmission shifting too early is, as earlier noted, due to installing larger tires, but not getting the computer recalibrated to match.

I am surprised at the number of people on here that believe normal wear items (tires, brakes, etc) should last over 50,000 miles. If you get that much out of them, consider yourself lucky.

20th Nov 2005, 13:06

I own a 2000 Z-71 with 53000Kms and when the temperature is around 0deg.C it sounds as if there is no oil getting to the valves, it sounds like a diesel engine. This happens only when I start the engine cold and disappears after having run for about a minute. I've checked the oil level and it's at the full mark. Has anyone experienced this before? Also when I activated the auto wheel drive last week nothing happened it just wouldn't engage in auto. I was going to bring it to the dealership, but it works fine now??? Will it do this while I need it in mid winter, I hope not. Did this happen to any of you?




31st Jan 2006, 21:26

I have a '99 2500 Sierra basic truck. I work construction, so I have 8 ply tires; I get 70k or so out of them.

My ABS went out like 30 miles out of warranty on my lease. I called BS at the dealer, and they replaced it for 100$... OK...

Now besides being a gas beast, it wants to stall in gear (it's a automatic) at stops.. I have to put it into neutral to keep it from stalling. I took it to a shop, and they told me it needed a tune up... Whatever... big buck tune up, and it does the same thing... Is there some sort of idle component that a carpenter can install??? Help.

24th Feb 2006, 11:55

To the Nov 20th post of the Z-71 with 50K miles, I-know this is late, but, your truck has vacuum lines that operate your 4x4. When it gets real cold sometimes there is moisture in the lines and it freezes causing the 4x4 not to actuate, when it happens try putting your truck in a garage or somewhere warm for a few hours to let it thaw. That has happened to me more than once.

23rd Mar 2006, 10:23

I got a 99 and I love it only had 1 problem since I had it and it was the cat coverter oddly... and about the guy saying it stalls at a stop... check torque converter..

13th Apr 2006, 18:53

I have a 2000 GMC Z-71 4X4. I am having problems with the truck wanting to stall when I come to a stop. I am also having problems with starting, not all the time, but often. By starting, I mean that sometimes it takes a couple of times for the ignition to turn over. Any thoughts??

30th Apr 2006, 20:05

I own a 1997 GM Z71,I love the truck it has great power for passing out on the highways. I have how ever had many problems, I have replaced the fuel pump three times, once on a search and rescue 40 km from the nearest town and another three months later. I have replaced the alternator four times. I was told by the parts store that the alternator I have been given is the only one that is available for my truck. Does anyone no of a good enough alternator that would last more than four or five months or is there a problem I am not aware of? The battery has been replaced because they told me that the problem was that the it was drawing to much power for the alternator to produce. The truck has about 187000 km. It has seen many bush miles and have found no other truck to match its performance in the bush. On the other hand my wife is ready to pitch it.

2nd Jun 2006, 10:13

I have a 2001 GM 4X4 extra-cab and it has 39K miles. I hear a squeak when I come to a stop or start going from a stop. I also notice I have some play when I switch from Parking to drive.. the drive shaft turns 2-3 inches without the truck moving. What can it be??

17th Jun 2006, 19:01

I have a 99' GMC Sierra 4x4 and love it. Really the only problem I have with it and have been told be the dealer that there is nothing wrong. It is that when I drop it into drive or am stopped and accelerate there is a clunk from the rear end. Is my rear end getting ready to go out on me? I am going to change the fluid this weekend. But I don't think this will fix the problem. Someone told me a while ago that these trucks had a problem with the rear spring shackles having too much play in them. I just bought a 7800lb fifth wheel and really don't want to run my baby into the ground pulling it.