10th Aug 2010, 15:37

I have a 2000 GMC Sierra 4x4 with a 5.3L engine. I bought this truck in 2003 with 36000 miles on it.

Now, let's see, I have had to replace a leaking front axle seal, fuel pressure regulator, rear end, u-joint, both front wheel bearings, the push button pad for the four wheel drive, and the turn signal/cruise/wiper lever (module).

Most recently, I have had problems with the security system not allowing the motor to start. I have been told by the dealer that they "think" it is the key lock housing unit, but also could need a body control module all for the low price of $500 + dollars.

Oh yeah, my fuel gauge does not work properly, and I have decided not to fix that as it is a costly repair also.

As a side note, I take very good care of my vehicles and rarely tow anything with it.

This is the biggest piece of s___. I have every owned. I will never buy another GM product ever again. Toyota or Honda is the way to go. At least they can build a reliable vehicle and stand behind them or recall something if it is a common issue. No wonder GM went broke... I have no mercy for them... they tell you to buy American, and yet get many cheap parts from overseas to build their "American" vehicle. All I can say is never again...

5th Nov 2010, 22:05

I started driving my GMC Sierra SLE Z71 with ~70,000 miles, and now have 230,000 miles and going "strong".

A new fuel pump to repair the fuel gauge problem, 2 new universals, passenger side window cable, ?piston slap? when cold problem for about 2 years now... other than that, which I consider normal wear... This truck blows away the Fords that are in our work truck fleet... I have loved it and will miss it when it comes time to retire it at around 350,000 miles (ha).

14th Nov 2010, 10:32

I have a 2000 SLE 1500 4x4. Bought new - now 210,000 miles.

Same problems as most - fuel gauge at 150,000; fuel pump - last week - no warning - left me stranded.

The piston slap or valve rattle - told by GM it was normal - I let it warm for at least 1 minute & it goes away.

Replaced passenger electric window motor yesterday -easy.

Very slow anti-freeze leak with no evidence where it's going, and idles fine.

Throttle sticky for awhile till valve body cleaned - good now.

Big clunk occasionally as others mentioned, but not always.

At 175,000 miles and still, after driving approx 100 miles continuously, the transmission starts hitting shifts REAL hard like it's got a shift kit. After cooling, it doesn't do it anymore. I've asked a couple of transmission repair shops; really don't know why it does it. Must be transmission - heat related issue.

Replaced 4x4 shift module on trans. when it wouldn't go into 4-wheel - easy fix.

Seems like a lot of repairs, but it's still cheaper than a new $40,000 truck & a new payment. It's been a pretty good 10 years.

Tires - the best ones are the Bridgestone Dueller A/T-std.size. I've had 2 sets, getting 85,000 miles out of them. Keep balanced and rotated.

What's up with the passenger side driving light socket that has burned out on every Chevy/GMC truck?

28th Dec 2010, 21:45

I have 2000 Sierra 4.8L, which I dearly love, and do everything with it, from family trips, work, haul etc. I go anywhere, and do everything with this truck. Until recently, when I took my family from Atlanta to Louisiana; on our way back, the truck would stall and cut off. It happened every 3 to 10 minutes, and every time it happened, we'd sit on the side of highway for about a couple minutes, and it would start again and run normally for about 10 minutes or so, and on and on, until we got home, (new cam and crank sensor was replaced, but no help, no check engine light). Please help, thanks

24th Jan 2011, 18:04

I also have a 2000 GMC sierra 1500, bought it a week ago.

The rear end started making an annoying howling noise. I changed the carrier, all new axles bearings still there. Now it started stalling.

I am having it looked at one last time, if it's not fixed I'll get my money back. Any ideas as to why it hops when it starts to slip? No it's not in auto 4.

It is a good looking truck, but it has had a lot of problems in a week of owning it.

19th Feb 2011, 19:20

I have a 2000 Z71. Also have the clunk in the rear end. Replaced rear end once, and the noise is still there. Don't know what it is, so I just keep driving it.

I also have a problem with the oil pressure. When I first start it, it goes up to 40lb, but after a minute it starts bouncing between 20-40lb, but when it warms up good, it does not do it any more.

Also have the piston slap until it warms up.

The oil pump is a pain in the --- to change on this truck, but don't think that is the problem. Has been a good truck.

Other than that, have about 200,000 on it.

Will buy GM again.

3rd Mar 2011, 06:36

I have owned a 2000 GMC Sierra SL since new.

I love this good looking truck and still get compliments on it.

Unfortunately, I have started having issues with the four wheel drive; front wheels do not engage, is this a module issue or worse? :(

Also, it has the clunk sound (yoke) and the gas gauge stopped working 5 years ago, last week it had a new fuel pump installed, so the issue was resolved. Yay!

I want to buy a new one, but reading these forums has me reconsidering GMC.

30th May 2011, 13:10

I have a 2000 Sierra Z71 with 257,000 miles on it. Just before the winter it started to lose oil pressure. Put in Lucas oil treatment. 20 miles down the road, it lost all its oil pressure.

How difficult is replacing the oil pump?

28th Jun 2011, 08:18

I bought a 2000 GMC Sierra 4X4 extended cab new and I also had the 'clacking' problem when doing a cold start - this went on for about a year.

I went to GM repeatedly, then to the Better Business Bureau, then to the Vehicle Arbitration Branch - and it was all a waste of time.

Then a guy told me about a solution - he just sprayed a cheap can of carbon remover into the motor and the clacking stopped immediately and has never returned over the years.

I tried to tell GM about the solution since I was sure that other truck owners would have the problem also, but GM did not even want to listen to what I had to say.

1st Jul 2011, 20:00

I bought 98 GMC 4x4 June 2 2011. And I am so disappointed. These trucks are nothing but garbage. I also have 1979 Ford 4x4, which is 10 times what the GM is. Maybe in another 40+ years GM will reach the quality of my 79 Ford. Your wife is right sell it.