30th Jul 2003, 07:48

I have had my troubles with the truck, but all in all I must say the truck is great. I just hope that it will stay that way. At 8000 kms. the radio went bonkers and it took 4 new ones to fix it. Turned out they did not know how to set it up. Had the whole left side of the truck went bad, nothing worked. Had to fix this, then the alarm went bad, had to fix that too. All in all I guess that you can say this is minor and because the truck was covered under warranty. My question is, what will it be like at 80000 kms? Don't say buy a new one because the price was higher than my house.

3rd Oct 2003, 23:41

I just recently bought one and so far in 6000 miles I have no major complaints. I love this truck, I have taken it off-road and pulled some loads that way overdid the class III rating of the hitch. However I have noticed the problem with the seat popping. My gas mileage is slightly less than sticker advertised, but I attribute that to my driving habits. It is an expensive truck, but in my opinion, well worth it. I will drive this thing until it dies and then buy another.

12th Jul 2005, 10:03

I couldn't agree more. My 2003 Sierra Z71 just got totaled and I should have bought the guy that hit me a cold one. Before it happened, it had been back for transmission valve replacement 4 times, steering knuckle 2 times, windshield noise, rear passenger window noise, and rust! What a mediocre excuse for a truck. I'm buying the 05 F-F150. GM has lost me for life and they'd have to do a heck of a lot better than the "employee's discount." You others keep on trying to convince yourself that your truck is the greatest thing in the world. Time will tell.

13th Sep 2005, 14:35

OK, I just purchased a 2003 GMC Sierra SLE, 2WD, with about 26,000 miles on it. As for anyone saying these trucks are not dependable and are not some of the nicest driving trucks on the road today, I must say I disagree. A wise man told me once, "They all break". And that is the truth. I am happy to have a GMC again (after going to the NISSAN side) and I am really enjoying the comfort of it.

16th Sep 2005, 18:07

I have a 2003 GMC Sierra 4x4 Z71 fairly loaded. I drove it on two long trips this year once to Nova Scotia from Ontario, Canada. It is the quietest nicest riding vehicle I have driven. I do get a bit of a loose feeling in the steering column and thanks to the fellow who posted the steering knuckle problem being repaired twice on his. I will go to the dealer and have it looked at.

I drove a Ford for eight years. It was an F 150loaded up 4X4. To the guy that's going to jump over to Ford go in with your eyes open because there isn't enough room here to list the problems, expense and dealer nonsense I put up with on that truck. Lots of little and big problems. So from the fryin' pan into the fire?? That's why I went back to GMC. They do all break...

22nd Oct 2005, 14:54

I own a 2003 GMC Sierra 1500 and it has given me the knuckle problem 3 times ever since I bought it and the delership has not solved the problem yet! I also had problems with the airbag system.

4th Nov 2005, 09:33

The person who wrote this review should be ashamed for pledging to never buy another American brand of vehicle. He/she needs to send this comment to all the people who have worked for an American auto manufacturer or another manufacturer that supplied parts to one of the Big Three, but it now unemployed or has taken another job for less pay. Tell them how happy you are to buy a foreign brand vehicle, even though it put your fellow citizens out of a job, and that foreign companies deserve the business & profit. Foreign brand vehicles, even if manufactured in the US, do not keep as many people in work as the domestic brands. Most all of the components in US assembled foreign vehicles come from other countries. However, in recent years US auto makers are purchasing more and more imported parts to remain competitive. The US is the largest market for consumer goods, if everyone here bought products made in the US, or Canada, the demand for those products would increase tremendously. Consequently, more, better paying jobs will be avialable. If you don't buy "Made in the USA", don't complain about unemployment!

25th Jun 2007, 16:34

I purchased a 2002 GMC sierra reg cab brand new, drove it to 90K miles and absolutely loved that truck. The only problem I noticed is that the A/C would occasionally blow warm, maybe this Texas heat would overwhelm it. Also the transmission started to "clank" a little when taking off from a hard stop, I attribute that to the abuse I put it through. Maybe it would have been an easy fix like tightening something or replacing a trans. mount. Both I would consider minor problems, I regret selling it to buy a car. Looking at the 2007 new body style GMC now.

18th Jul 2007, 18:03

I have a 2005 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Crew Cab that I bought brand new from the dealership that I used to be sales manager at 5 years before. After 2 years and 16,600 miles I had no problems until the Transmission went out. Evidently, there is some kind of defect where engine coolant can leak into the transmission. Well the Dealership was great and it went in on Monday and I got it back by Friday. They put in a completely new transmission and it drives great. I have had no other problems with the truck after 27 months and 16,800 miles.

3rd Jan 2008, 15:34

I have a 2003 GMC Sierra with 125,000 miles on it and I have just spotted my first concern with it. I have a small coolant leak that I will have to trace down to fix other than that no problems what so ever. This truck still has the original brake pads and rotors on it and all I have ever done is routine maintenance and ran nothing, but synthetic oil in it. I have the BOSE sound system and it still rocks to this day, I did turn the gain on the factory amp up a little. This truck even has been rear ended by a Ford Expedition and a Ford F250 at the same time and all Schumacher GMC had to do was replace the bed, the bumper, and the rear lights and it ran like new.

Love this truck!

8th Jan 2008, 22:49

I bought a used 2003 GMC Sierra 4X4 Ext cab with approx 50,000 km - have about 90,000 km now - I had the rear brake pads changed shortly after I bought it, changed the right front wheel bearing and now it sounds noisy again (possibly the left one). I wonder if it's a common problem with them. On the highway, about 70 mph, or higher, there is quite a bit of noise - possibly from the windshield. Comments?