21st Jan 2008, 21:48

There is not one problem with the 2003 GMC Sierra that I have. All the comfort and the power that any one could want. American made and the money stays right here in the USA, just like it has been for years.

19th Jan 2009, 15:44

I own a 2003 GMC Sierra also. It has 154,000 miles on it. YES, that's what I said. 154!

The only problem I've had is the compass in the mirror.

I off road this truck regularly. Tow jet skis and always have it loaded for work.

Regular maintenance and knowing how to take care of your vehicle helps.

I love this truck and will never sell it. Will always buy American.


2nd Feb 2009, 12:22

Well...I just bought a 2003 Sierra with 60,000 miles. From what I read here it should provide me with years of good service. I have had both good and bad cars, but will still only buy North American made cars only.

6th Jul 2009, 22:18

The front differential leaking is a common issue, that is caused from over filling the differential. So when you get it, read your manual and check all the fluids in your truck.

24th Nov 2009, 11:05

I have a 2003 GMC Sierra with 135,000k miles and haven't had the first problem with it. It had 40,000 when I bought it. Before that I owned a 2001 Silverado Z71 that I bought with 23,000k miles... it had 189,000k when I retired it, and it still ran like a new one, not to mention it had only been in a shop ONCE to fix the parking brake.

22nd Feb 2010, 21:16

I've had my 03 GMC Off road for 5 years. Haven't had a problem with it. Have 188,000 kms. on it. Regular maintenance is all it takes!!!

30th Jun 2010, 23:16

03 GM Z71. What a country yee haw!

Mud, snow, rain, ditches, curbs, potholes, girlfriend with baseball bat. Not a scratch, not a dent. The truck should come with a cape. It's like my super hero sidekick.

20th Sep 2010, 16:53

I have a 2003 GMC Sierra SLE 4.8. Love it, I'm GM man, only one thing; it fails to start some times, you turn the key and nothing happens. Had a couple mechanics look at it, couldn't find anything wrong. All you have to do is wait a couple minutes, try it again, maybe again, and it will start, funny hey?

22nd Sep 2010, 08:04

20th Sep 2010, 16:53.

Check the ground on the starter assembly and make sure it's snug. If that checks out okay I would check the key ignition module. Sometimes if you have many keys attached to the same ring as your truck keys, that weight alone can mess up the ignition switch.

Hope that helps.

24th Dec 2012, 10:52

I have a 2003 GMC Sierra Z71. I also had a small coolant leak. There are two common problems with this model. I have experienced a pinhole in the FREEZE plug. Also with the Dex cool, it has corrosive properties and caused the water pump gasket to fail. I have heard of bad intake gaskets, but the freeze plug and water pump gasket were my issues.

18th Feb 2017, 14:50

If your Nissan was a Titan, it actually was made in America - in Mississippi. I think a lot of "American" trucks are made in Mexico and Canada. Nowadays, I'm not sure any manufacturer is 100% this or 100% that, even though they are American or import brands. And every brand pumps out problematic vehicles. It's just luck of the draw I guess?