2nd Mar 2001, 22:11

2-4 thousand miles on tires? Sounds like you need to buy a different brand of tires!!

The rotors on a FORD will go bad also if you don't change out the pads.

I know somebody with 310,000 miles on an '87 Chevy pickup with a 350 engine. GM must be doing something right, they are the largest in the world!!

22nd Apr 2001, 23:29

I have a 1999 GM Sierra. When the truck had 5k miles on it I noticed the transmission was not shifting smoothly. I returned to the dealer and was informed GM knows there is a problem and it would be fixed. Apparently GM had a problem with the design of the transmissions "valve body" and a new and improved version would be installed at no cost to me. Now the transmission shifts smoothly as long as I don't haul anything heavier than a few bags of groceries.

24th May 2001, 22:45

GM trucks are going downhill, I have an 83 that I love, I will never buy a new GM truck due to things I have heard, and the interior just looks cheap with all of that plastic.

4th Jun 2001, 10:34

I own a 1985 GMC Sierra. It's not the most powerful or comfortable truck in the world, but it seems to be very reliable. Consumer Reports says that the new version of this truck is much improved from the '88-'98 version. But, they also say its reliability is lacking. Very unfortunate for, what I think, is the nicest looking truck on the road.

15th Jul 2001, 08:38

You might want to quit the NASCAR circuit. New tires every 2K?? Do you have a teen age driver?

26th Jul 2001, 20:52

Own a new 2001 Sierra SLE, I hope it is as reliable as my Honda, which has 210,000 miles and doesn't burn any oil. We will have to see...

16th Dec 2001, 08:46

Go buy a FORD F-150 with the 5.4L V8, then you'll have no worries and the only reason GM is the biggest company is cause they're trying to do what Ford does, but Ford does it with a smaller company, that's why Ford can sell most of their cars cheaper. Ford has 5 of the top 10 best selling cars in America, the F-150 has been the top selling truck for 25 years in a row and still going. So just go buy an F-150 with a V8, DON'T buy the V6.

7th Feb 2002, 09:43

I have a 1999 GMC Sierra. After about 5000 miles things started going down hill. Rear window latches, back seat rattles, driver's door rattles (BAD), driver's window gets stuck down, fuel gauge is broken, and now at 46,000 the ABS pump needs to be replaced. If you hear something that sounds like a small pump running, it is your ABS pump. Lift the hood and pull the ABS fuse. If you don't the battery will run down. It is OK to drive, you just will have regular brakes, not ABS. It cost around $900 to fix. Oh, the interior has the quality of a Yugo.

25th May 2002, 06:23

My 1999 Silverado 3/4 Ton had its dash board replaced under warranty, ABS module short circuited, and now the Transmission is slipping. I could of got $13,000 for a trade-in (on a $32,000 truck) before the Transmission started slipping. Who knows now. I contacted GM for help in replacing the poorly designed/manufactured parts. They could care less since its warranty is up. It is a sick joke.

31st May 2002, 15:01

I have a 97 GMC z-71 4X4 that has run fairly well for the most part. This last year I have found out the hard way (three times) that if I get the ignition control module wet it fries and won't start.

I also had the tire shimmy in the front end and noted that a new set of good quality tires fixes the problem.

19th Aug 2002, 21:33

Wait to buy the new body style trucks after the bugs are worked out.

11th Oct 2002, 10:44

I bought a 2000 Silverado Regular Cab and I really regret it. I have had to replace leaky shocks only one year after buying it. Have taken it to the dealer due to a rough engine start (luckily this was covered by warranty) that fixed it, but told me that the problem might come back in the future. Recently I just had to pay $740 for fixing a faulty gas pump. When I complained to GM, the only response that I got pretty much was that "no car was perfect".

21st Oct 2002, 11:23

I own a 1999 GMC Sierra Z-71. It now has approximately 58,000 miles on it.

Overall it is a good truck. However within the last 6,000 miles, the passenger side window regulator has broken and the part cost around 190.00, not including labor. But the most aggravating problem is a front end/steering column rattle that cannot be explained. I have put it on a lift and had the front end inspected and found no worn parts (i.e. bushings, pitman arm, etc.) I read a long term road test report from Edmunds.com on the Internet, and found that during the test performed on a 1999 GMC Sierra, they too experienced a similar rattle and shake in the steering column. It was found to be the steering column. After replacing it at Parkway GMC in Santa Clarita, California, the article went on to say it operated the way God and GMC intended (no more rattles and shakes). I'm just wondering if I could be experiencing the same problem with my 1999 GMC Sierra?

If anyone else has experienced similar rattles or clunking noises in the steering column of their 1999 GMC Sierra, please respond with a comment on this very informative site. Thanks in advance. (P.S. General Motors Corporation can do much better. I just hope they will start real soon.)

16th May 2003, 13:25

1999 GMC Yukon

Only buy one of these if you love a headache. Overpriced chunk of metal and plastic. First problem started at 18,500 miles with the brakes, warped rotors, broken caliper and bad master cylinder $1,200.GM payed half. Second problem 41,000 miles major transmission failure. Truck never towed a boat or trailer, mostly driven on road trips and the transmission just stops working. GM did not cover this as the vehicle was out of warranty $1,900. Clunking in the rear end that scares me to death, plastic trim parts falling off, lights flickering in the dash and rattling of every part is really getting to me.

Pay attention GM your time is coming. You can't keep making junk an expect people to buy it.

God, please get me another HONDA.

19th May 2003, 10:54

My 2000 GMC Sierra has 51,000 miles on it and I am told that the driveline needs to be replaced. I heard a squeaking with the rotation of the wheels while rolling backward with my driver's side window down. It was loud. The GMC mechanic then gave me the above diagnosis. Anyway, I guess $30,000.00 for a truck is not enough. This problem will set me back $600.00 + or minus.


30th May 2003, 09:35

I have a 98 GMC Z-71 with 57,000 mile's. Transmission just went out. GM is ignoring that they have a transmission problem. I owned a 94 Z-71 before this one and put 4 transmission's in it. Your probably wondering why I bought a 98 model after the problem's with the 94? It won't happen again! Ford will get my business from now on, unless GM wants to fix at their cost's. I may even look into buying a Toyota. They, sorry to say, are way ahead of GM. I just hope GM gets their head out of thier ass!