1994 GMC Sonoma SLS 4.3 from North America


A very well made vehicle


The Brakes have been my worst problem. I have had to replace them approximately every 40K. The pedal has continuously been spongy.

At 60K I had to replace serpentine belt.

At 85K I had to replace the Alternator.

At 120K I had to replace water pump.

At 125K I had to replace the serpentine belt.

At 130K the multi-position switch in steering column started failing intermittently. The turn signal stopped automatically turning off around the same time. The windshield wipers are also connected via this switch, thus they fail intermittently.

At 135K the right side view mirror control motor or associated circuitry failed.

General Comments:

I have changed oil every 3K or 3 months.

At 100K I had the engine bilstien flushed. Made a world of difference in power.

The interior has held up very well.

The ride is very comfortable for a small truck. I have made several 15 to 25 hour trips in it.

At 140K I wouldn't hesitate driving this vehicle on a 10 hour trip. I make 4 to 5 hour trips regularly.

I have made the following modifications:

-Hypertech High Performance Chip

-Flow Master catalytic converter

-Flow Master Single inlet, dual outlet muffler

-2.5" Dual Exhaust from muffler back

-K & N Air Filter

-8mm plug wires

-Tried using Bosch Plus Fours, but they made engine run hot and reduced performance. Replaced with AC Delco's and ran great.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2003

1994 GMC Sonoma SLE 4.3L vortec from North America


A very good first vehicle with 4WD capabilities


My left rear axle seal started to leak the day I bought the truck.

Seats have started to wear.

Tachometer has stopped working.

Air conditioning has stopped working.

Winsdhield wipers have stopped working.

The 4WD switch keeps blowing the fuse.

Leaking oil from oil pan.

Rear cab light has burnt out.

General Comments:

Generally a very good truck and usually reliable.

4WD works very well when it doesn't blow the fuse.

Very economic and useful for a student.

Handles similar to a shopping cart, and the brakes make you think you have a heavy trailer behind you.

Dashboard controls could be placed in a better position.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2003

1994 GMC Sonoma SLS 4.3 Vortex 6 from North America


Good and reliable until 100,000 miles


Wiper control module went out at 80,000 miles, $110.00.

Service engine soon light comes on and off; has done this since 74,000 miles, yet dealer says no codes show for it, $120.00 for codes to not be read.

Wheel sensor controlling the Anti Lock Braking System and dash light for actual anti lock brakes to function went out at 90,000 miles, $250.00.

The 4 wheel drive dash switch had to be replaced at 101,000 miles as button inside broke, $30.00.

Encoder motor on transmission which allows you to switch or engage to 4 wheel drive went out at 114,000 miles, $583.82.

Metal passenger door window crank handle broke in half, $35.00.

General electrical shorts or circuitry faults throughout vehicle.

General Comments:

This truck served me well over the past 4 years until all the electrical problems aroused.

If you have the money and patience as service requires days go for it.

Interior is made cheaply as all plastic and it rattles and squeaks, very noisy after 80,000 miles.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2003

17th Feb 2004, 16:31

Oil coolant lines need some serious thought on how to make them last longer then a few thousand miles, I have put a new engine in mine because of these lines, and now after a new motor, another line has burst at the fitting and I almost lost this engine. I have put a lot of money in this truck, although it has the power I like and it looks good, I think I need something a little more reliable.

1994 GMC Sonoma SL 2.2L from North America


A low performance chick magnet


The starter, head gasket is leaking, and brakes, and little things.

General Comments:

This truck is good for me, only 17 and the cheapest on insurance, gas is very good to 40 bucks and I get 800km out of it.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2003