8th Jul 2010, 15:49

My 98 Sonoma has had a few what I would call dumb-dumb engineer problems.

Wipers will come on all by themselves when 3 drops of rain hit the wind shield. Then they act erratic, such as will not interval, or when shut off, stop in the middle instead of park.

The big problem so far has been the exhaust pipe keeps falling out of the exhaust header, and the dealer wants $300.00 for the $4.00 part to fix it, so I used bailing wire (Thanks GM).

Seat tilt lever broke off when the ill designed seat belt got between the lever and the door when I closed it.

The door seals at the top front always leak, even with new seals.

Rear view mirror fell off in 68 degree weather.

Rides like a HD flatbed, even with tires at 28 lbs.

Security warning light randomly comes on, though I do not think the factory system is installed; if it is, it never worked, which is why I installed an after market alarm.

MPG range between 19.4 city and 26.9 highway. 76 brand gas at 87 octane.

17th Aug 2010, 22:42

I purchased used 98 Sonoma Highrider with 143000 easy miles.

Here are my problems: fuel pump replaced; water pump leaking; brake shoes click against rotor; third door latch broke, neither seat will recline, one wiper works and eats rubber off the right front tire for breakfast.

The beauty of it all, it'll take me wherever I want to go.

6th Jan 2011, 20:56

My brother has owned one of these for several years. It's an automatic. It's eaten 5 starters (at 500 a pop to replace) in 2 years. The car has no power (climbing hills at anything over 25 is a trick) and is the worst 4 cyl for gas mileage either of us has ever seen. I wouldn't give this car to someone I hated, let alone a relative or friend.

7th Dec 2012, 17:44

Finally someone realistic. I agree with your opinion %100, although my driving habits are a little more gentle