16th Jun 2007, 16:19

Bought a new 2001 GMC Sonoma.

Fuel injector replaced at 1500 miles.

Fuel pump replaced at 32000 miles.

Fuel cap comes loose tuning on "Service Engine Soon" light. Light will go off about 2 days after tightening cap.

Air conditioning comes and goes. Not working right now (85-90 Deg) but worked last week when it was 65 Deg.

Ground strap on fuel pump shorts out and vehicle won't start after it sets for a few days. Spray the strap with engine degreaser, then it starts right up.

Only has 36000 miles, but I still don't trust it. Great American workmanship, NOT!!

8th Jul 2007, 12:06

I should have read these comments before buying my 2001 extended cab Sonoma with the step side bed, it's a beautiful truck. The oil pump went last night, 76,000 miles, I've only driven the truck 1000 miles, had it three weeks!If I have to replace the whole motor... It might end up with the 350. I can't see putting money into this 2.2 litre, Its way to weak even if its running great.

19th Jul 2007, 12:26

I have a 1997 2.2l s10. It is lacking power, but I tune it up and drive it empty most of the time. If I am condervative I consider it to be just enough. I get to do 75 most of the times. Up hills 65 possible except on the worst hills I get 55. Down hill I get 85. Driving it seems like I am stretching the motor to its maximum capacity. That is bad. It seems because GM used such a simple design the engine is able to take a beating. I would not recommend anyone who plans on long distance driving to get this vehicle. Steering and suspension is good though. GM give the vehicle a little more power!!!

21st Jul 2007, 12:35

For 3rd door handle replacements go to:


Only $2.95 for the handle only.

Monster Auto parts even has an aluminum billet version of the handle for only $24.95.

I had it done under warranty 3 times before it hit 36k.

I have 132,000 miles, and sadly will have to part with it soon.

25th Oct 2007, 13:46

2001 2.2L gets 23 to 25 mpg highway driving. I traded a 1984 S15 with a 2.8L V6 at 180,000 miles just because the transmission was having problems. The '84 got 27 mpg in general driving and over 30 on road trips.

It seems to me the engineers aren't even trying to do better.

30th Oct 2007, 10:32

I bought my 1999 Sonoma with the V6 vortex engine used in 2001 and am very pleased with the engine performance. The millage is around 23 mpg in the city and around 25-26 on the HWY (only because I mostly ran pedal to the metal :=) )

I bought it used at 99k miles and used it in WY on dirt roads and up and down mountains to service transmitter sites. The last 2 years only road driving no off road in Ohio about 5k all together...I walk to work. I do tow a 22ft camping trailer once a year from Ohio to WY and back so 2 trips so far.

Repairs so far:

100K/miles: fuel pump (if you ever try to drive up a steep winding incline of rocky trail when it goes out you will get the surprise of a lifetime)

120k something in the rear axle gearbox

127k fuel pump (was lucky the dealer said something was wrong with the one he installed at 100k got it replaced for free)

135k trow out bearing (took them 3 tries to get it right... GM service at its best)

137k alternator plus belts as the bearing sized up and eat the belt

148k clutch master cylinder and slave; Had clutch replaced for good measures

168k some sensor in the front resulting in a very rough and smoky ride

198k front wheel bearing and other service work (today) costing 1500 bucks all together. (including tune up and replacement of all axle fluids and so on.

All in all bought it for 6400 in 2001 (private party) and put in about 4000 on repairs for about 100k miles of mostly pretty rough service..

I guess I can live with that, but do think it is time to get something different.

29th Feb 2008, 17:49

I own a 2000 GMC Sonoma V6 with almost 59,000 miles on it. The A/C compressor broke at about 50,000 miles, which is pathetic if you ask me. Here are some other problems I've had:

- 38,000 miles: replace brake system - $500

- 44,000 miles: replace windshield wiper system - $300

- 50,000 miles: replace a/c compressor - $1000

- Gas mileage is only 14 mpg city and 18 mpg highway.

I'll never buy another American vehicle again, especially GM. Next time I'm going Japanese.

16th Mar 2008, 13:49

96 Sonoma SLE Ext Cab Sport Side 4cyl 5 spd 3rd door...

Wow, reading these reviews could be discouraging... however... I have 220,000 miles on mine. VERY LITTLE REPAIRS.

- Bought new in Oct '96.

- In the first 100k- air bag sensor (warranty), 2 u-joints, 02 sensor, plus normal oil changes, 1 set shocks, brake pads, wiper blades, plugs/wires/etc..

- Replaced tires at 120k. Still on 2nd set, only 50% worn.

- 100k-200k: belt tensioner, charged ac, battery, 3rd door handle (3x - replacement GM handles are very weak. Next one will be aftermarket aluminum)

- 200k-220k: Stabilizer links, AC compressor, R.rotor.

Now has coolant leak from back of engine- can't find specific location, but I will. I'm going for 300k on this one. Also due for u-joints since slight vibration is starting at 40mph.

Fuel economy - 25-28mpg the whole time, using regular major brand gas - no cheap knock-offs; Also- full synthetic oil changes at 5000-7500 intervals with filter.

I'd buy another one without hesitation, even though it is low-powered. I have pulled small trailers, cars on dollies, etc -- although slowly.

7th Apr 2008, 10:41

My sonoma 2001 sls, had 2 changes of fuel pump (so expensive) and 17 mpg is not good.

25th Apr 2008, 10:16

I have an 01 sonoma 4.3L v6 and it is in good condition.. the only problem is that my oil cooler hose was punctured and it dumped out all of my oil while I was on the freeway doing 85.. anyone else have this problem? I guess the hose was rubbing against the steering? I have about 61,000 miles on it so is there something I should worry about?

4th Apr 2009, 10:20

I purchased a 2001 GMC Sonoma SLS Crew Cab four years ago with only 41000 miles. It is a beautiful truck and very comfortable to drive.

So much for the nice stuff. I have replaced the secondary air pump, fuel pump and sending unit ($450 combined unit) and then was charged $80.00 a few months later to have it re calibrated.

Right rear grease seal ($190) and now at 80000 miles the left seal is leaking.

All four ball joints at 70000 miles, the front differential had to be rebuilt after the vacuum switch failed at 55000 miles ($1000).

Right wheel bearing and hub assembly just replaced and the left one is making noise.

The 4.3 V-6 gets 15\16 city and 18.5 highway at 65-70 MPH. The heated seat no longer works and there is a drive train vibration. It is time to bail out and none to soon. Toyota I am coming your way. I was told that this is just normal maintenance for a used truck. My 1995 Toyota went 150000 miles. I replace the two lower ball joints at 130000 miles and I had to buy a $120 starter at about 80000 miles.