1994 GMC Suburban LX 4x4 450 from North America


Super strong and reliable!


A few alternators, 2 used radiators, a water pump and standard maintenance - and this one still runs strong.

General Comments:

Getting pings when using less expensive fuel.

The interior is finally beginning to fall apart.

This has been family car all along, and now it's used for 7 daycare kids daily.

At 217,xxx miles, I could not be more surprised and pleased with such a work horse!

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Review Date: 25th January, 2012

27th Jan 2012, 00:16

"Getting pings when using less expensive fuel."

Premium gas should solve that issue. If not, you may need to replace the O2 sensors.

27th Jan 2012, 18:15

Engine ping?

Try cleaning the mass air flow and the EGR valve.

1994 GMC Suburban SLE 350 V8 tbi 5.7L from North America


Happy to say "Best first truck hands down"


After the first 1000 km, the radiator started to leak. After having a service tech look at it, I started to inquire about parts. To my knowledge, the radiator was original. Which speaks volumes, as far as I know the only thing rebuilt was the engine. It was rebuilt at around 200000km. I am the 3rd owner. Oh, and I have very little to no rush. I can say this because I've been under it putting on a new exhaust setup (because it was missing upon purchase).

General Comments:

Overall, I'd have to say that is by far, and probably will be the most dependable, cost friendly (maybe everything but gas.). It rides nice, handles very well. The heater pumps out tropical weather in winter, and a cool breeze in the summer.

There is zero concern for head room or leg room issues. Storage space is not sparing like most SUVs. If I were to have this new off the line, I couldn't imagine the quality performance to be any different. As for overall look, it has sex appeal. When done up, she still turns heads. OK maybe it's because of the red neon after glow behind my front grill, or the gloss blk and deep tint, LOL just a thought.

After having the truck for these few months, I've seen very little signs of wear on the interior, little to no rust on the exterior, and... Sit down. I only paid $400.00 cdn for the truck itself... Wow. I love it.


94 Suburban for sale.

Asking price - $1M.

Yah... It's worth that much to me.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2011

5th Feb 2011, 13:34

Sounds like a great truck for the money!

When I am buying an old Chevy with a 350 or 305, mileage is not an issue, I have had some with over 400k on the odometer, and they ran like new with no problems.

These are a great investment, I buy them used, drive them for a year or 2, then sell them for more than I paid in the first place! Chevy rules, I will never buy anything else.

1994 GMC Suburban SLE 350 V8 from North America


Best truck ever


Wiper motor circuit board.

Rear taillight bulb.

Front turn signal bulb.

General Comments:

After owning a number of cars and trucks, I purchased this Suburban for highway trips and light off-road duty. It has the dual A/C and leather, black exterior with gray interior. It has had all synthetics since new, and it was very well taken care of.

I love this truck! No other vehicle I have owned is as useful and comfortable as this one. The 350 is a slight gas hog when you put your foot into it, but it is a small trade off. I am 6'4", and have no problems on cross-country journeys. It's actually more comfortable than my office chair!

The recall on the wiper motor is actually for the motor's circuit board, which cost me $14 and about five minutes to replace.

This model, in my opinion, is the best year for Suburbans. The dashboard is the wide, clean style, and all of the controls are upfront and simple. The later (95+) years had strange dashboards, cheaper control panels, and interior panel squeaking (Canada parts) that I don't care for. Previous model years (1991 and back) are too dated, and drive like bricks. The 1994 feels almost nimble by comparison. Many drivetrain parts are easy to find and relatively cheap.

The 350 motor is the one to buy, because the 454 is a serious gasoline eater, and best suited for towing. I have the extended range gas tank, and have easily gotten 600+ miles per tank.

The key is good maintenance from day 1. Whoever has trouble with these trucks just didn't maintain them (oil change, filters, fluids, etc.).

If you find a 1994 SLE in good shape and need something that will be around for a long, long time... buy it.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2010