1994 GMC Suburban SL 5.7L V8 (350) from North America


Like a Rock


There has been a problem with the fuel pump/lines. We had to get the lines replaced twice in the past 3 years. The first time the pump went bad and we lost all acceleration while driving (kinda scary). We brought it to a non-dealer location and they didn't use factory parts (our first mistake). Since then the fuel lines leaked and we had to replace them again, this time at an authorized dealer using factory parts (no problems since).

Lesson learned: when fixing a problem, use only factory parts.

-Muffler replaced, (sounds really bad-ass with it broken tho!)

-Regular maintenance.

-Mysterious ticking noise around 2500 rpm?

General Comments:

This truck is the bare bones minimum. It was bought to be used as a work truck and still is. My father bought it new in '94 and it has been between me and him since then. The truck consists of, vinyl seats, rubber floors, crank windows and manual locks, and next to no accessories. Oh, and its all brown.

For its size, it rides low to the ground which gives it a very stable ride. Good around corners. Long wheel base gives it a smooth ride for passengers.

Like I said, this is used as a work truck and has survived hauls that surpassed its maximum loading weight and still had no problem getting on the highway! (note the chevy 350)

My family has 3 cars, and this is by far the most reliable. Starts up every time.

It is perfect for road trips. Optional seating up to 9 people with three rows of bench seats, plenty of legroom and highway mileage up to 22 mpg (if you drive it right).

Since we had this truck, my dad bought a new 2002 suburban, and this still gets better gas mileage!

It has gone through a lot of abuse (scratches and dents, ripped seat, etc..), but never fails and is always there when we need it.

Not as quick as it used to be, but it will move when you need it to.

You can really feel the engine and you feel like you are really in control of the truck (which with modern power steering and power everything, is rare). If you like a cushy truck that rides like a Cadillac then this truck might not be for you.

So overall: Great truck for the money! Lasts forever. If you treat it right, it will treat you right. Rock solid. Low maintenance and dependable.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2008

28th May 2008, 17:34

Well, your review makes me feel better. After buying a new vehicle NO MORE than every two years since 1988, my wife bought a GMC Envoy in 2003. She just paid it off and informed me she is "keeping it FOREVER". For once this very picky person has found a "keeper".

This is our first GMC, and after nearly 6 years now, we have not had one single problem of ANY kind. The ride is smooth, it has awesome power for an I-6, and it looks, runs, rides and feels no different now than the day we bought it. Thanks to GMC for ending my wife's car-trading obsession!!

We still laugh about our harrowing test drive in a Toyota Highlander, which scared us so bad we couldn't get it back to the lot fast enough (and it was so slow that wasn't very fast!!)

1994 GMC Suburban SLE 5.7L or 350 from North America


Best truck ever built!


In almost four years of owning my truck

I've changed a fuel pump. ($310.00)

I've also changed a leaky O-ring that leads to the differential. ($180.00)

Fixed a leak in my radiator ($70.00)

And I've changed my alternator only because I'm running a large sound system


General Comments:

Honestly speaking, I find that bigger is better. I've got two kids and this is the safest thing, in my opinion. For its age it looks great, it runs great and it doesn't cost much to upkeep. It's super comfortable and can carry and tow anything my heart desires. Motor is still smooth and so is the transmission.

It's never let me down! Reliable and would suggest it to anyone as a new truck or used.!

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Review Date: 24th February, 2006