20th Mar 2005, 13:53

I had the interior light problem with my '96 as well. Upon investigating, I found that the rear glass gate would "lift" slightly when the heat or A/C was blowing strong in the vehicle. This was forcing the rear window open slightly causing the light switch to contact and turn on the lights. You could hear the relay as well. I have tried to adjust the rear glass, but to no avail. I just push the "dome light off" button when this happens and... problem solved!

21st Mar 2005, 09:30

I too have developed an electrical problem in my 1999 K1500 Series Suburban that so far the dealer has not been able to fix.

The combination relay that controls the 4 ways and turn signal circuit cycle constantly. The lights operate normally, however while driving down the road the relay continues to cycle. It drives me nuts. The vehicle is out of warranty so I'm faced with a $70/hr shop rate to trace the electrical problem, with so far no solution.

The cheap fix is to turn up the radio... If anyone has a fix I'd be happy to read it.

I love the vehicle, just find the little problems a nag.

22nd May 2005, 00:06

This is to the guy has the 1999 has the electrical problem.

I am not a mechanic, but like yourself do all my own stuff if possible. I had similar problem I have 1995 K1500. I am sure you have looked at this, but just in-case, what I found wrong with my electrical stuff was my multi-switch (Blinker). Which in the real world we refer it to the blinker. I had mine professional done, which cost $425.00. I still had the problem that went on for a year. Finally it kept getting worst so I started troubleshooting it my self. I found that the mechanic shop that fixed it for me damaged it putting it in, so my problem still existed. I changed it out myself this time and I have not had any trouble since. Going on 2 years. By the way the part was $321 from the dealer.

12th Sep 2005, 11:17

1998 fully loaded Suburban.

The problem started about two years ago. About every third day, the truck would be absolutely dead in the morning. Even the door locks wouldn't open.

(Hint to those that drive in snow conditions: Unlock your doors with the key once in a while... my keys wouldn't go in the locks until about 30 minutes of WD40 and wiggling).

I finally found the dead battery problem was caused by the interior lights coming on during the night. I discovered this while driving. The lights would come on randomly, sometimes flashing and sometimes staying on longer... even while sitting at a traffic light. I finally caught them doing it while the truck was parked in my driveway... not running...locked for the night. I did the usual cleaning and checking the door switches and door tightness (rear barn doors too), but nothing cured it. At least the "dome light off" switch works to prevent the problem.

But has anyone found the cure?

14th Sep 2005, 13:36

I have a 1999 with same problem. Dome lights come on after being locked and parked for awhile. If you know what the problem is please e-mail me the solution gnaz@en-tel.net.

13th Dec 2005, 07:56

I have the same issue as the 1999 Suburban, my blinker relay constantly blinks without any lights flashing. They work normal if you actually use the blinkers, but the noise is constant. If you press the brake pedal, the noise will stop, release the brake pedal and it starts up again. Does anyone know where to start looking for a fix?

12th Jul 2006, 13:55

I own a 1999 GMC Suburban 2500. I love the truck and have had some minor issues here and there. One ongoing issues that I have is that my right rear bulb for the Stop/Hazard lights burns out once every 4 months. I change it no problem. However, I changed it three days ago and yesterday I noticed after driving the truck my brake lights in the back of the car would not shutoff. I changed the fuse in the small fuse box on the side and nothing. I have to take the fuse off number 1 in order to shut the brake/Hazard lights off otherwise they stay on all the time.

15th Nov 2006, 19:38

I also have a 1999 1500 LT suburban 100+K miles. Great vehicle, so far. This week I noticed that the interior lights or dome lights come on after it is parked and they have turned themselves off. Once they come back on, they don't go out. I too have noticed they they occasionally will flash on and off during driving. The dome override switch is a work around. This has to be a known problem.

28th Dec 2006, 12:59

I currently own a 1997 GMC Suburban since January 2000, purchased with 69,000 miles and I am most pleased with it. I currently have 98,000 miles total and have had no electrical or mechanical issues other than your normal wear and tear. This vehicle would rival the newer models in dependability and performance. I hope to continue to use it for at least another 6 or 7 years.

6th Jan 2007, 18:41

I have had continuous problems with the electric door actuators going out. Also the automatic transmission is sometimes hard to get out of park. Throw in a couple of expensive coolant leak problems. The engine is very dependable.

7th Aug 2007, 09:39

I have a 1999 2500 Suburban with big block and 4wd. and love it.. only problem I have started at about 90 k. It is: if left for 4 days the battery is dead. I do not hear the clicking, no lights go on and off, no brake light staying on, etc. Otherwise it is the perfect vehicle.. any other thoughts?


13th Aug 2007, 11:24

13 August 2007.

I am having the same interior light problem exactly in my 1997 C3500, 1 ton P/U. The courtesy lights are on all the time if I don't remove fuse #3. I have removed both door switches and have eliminated everything, but the grounding contact within the "remote keyless entry receiver". I am currently trying to get to the plug of the receiver so that I can eliminate or confirm that it is the problem. Anyone found the easy way to get to the receiver?

19th Aug 2007, 13:05

I have a 1999 suburban 4x4 that is becoming increasingly difficult to cold start. The cranking and battery are strong and it restarts easily. I've tried fuel conditioners, the injectors and fuel pump are working well. It has 80k miles.

25th Sep 2007, 15:31

I have a 1997 Safari SLE with 140000 miles. It is a great car. Here are issues I had and fixed. Would not start? Fuel pressure has and electronic sensor, low pressure and it will crank all day and not start. New fuel pump, bought on EBAY 1/2 local store price, perfect fix. Transmission clunk. Transmission computer here in Las Vegas has sensor that adjusts for climb and descent in mountains, clunk happens when we get back out on flat ground. Computer doesn't reset well. Cure, pull over, stop, turn car off then on. The computer reboots and all is well. Fix Engine Light comes on steady. Like the manual says it could be the gas used. Here in Vegas I use what ever is cheap and not likely to have water in it, change gas, the light goes off. 3years now and has been my wife's favorite car. We are selling it to another family and it should get another 100000 miles. Remember if your drive a vehicle over 200000 your are putting $35,000 dollars back in you pocket and helping the environment. Drove my Honda Civic '91 over 300000, my "new" Jeep GC I am starting at 207000, runs great.