5th Oct 2011, 15:26

This is one cool looking SUV, especially in black!

16th Aug 2013, 03:30

2012 Terrain, 2.4 liter. Looks great from any angle.

The Good:

Rides great. Ride is quiet (except from tire and engine noise). Mutes wind noise really good, and all other exterior noise. Great ride height from the driver's seating position. Decent MPG with a twist (strictly depends on your driving style, otherwise the MPG will be bad).

The Bad:

Uncomfortable seats for long drive. Horrible tire noise. Engine noise is really noticeable due to the constant change of gears from the transmission.

Eco mode is useless, and so is the manual mode when trying to either prolong or force it to stay in sixth gear. MPG is tricky, partly because the transmission has a mind of its own. You will achieve better MPG between 60-70 mph fixed traffic, long distance, no hilly or slopey roads. The transmission loves to down shift due to the lack of power in the 4 cylinder and the weight of the SUV. This causes the engine to rev all the time, even in cruise control. RPM will usually sit at about 2500, and rev up to 3500 in cruise control even on the slightest hill, and consequently forgets to revert back. This mostly happens once you are traveling above 70mph.

No reliability issues at this moment.

Sound is horrible; not sure if the problem is just the speakers or the head unit. The whole radio system is tied into the car alarm system, so it will prove tricky to change the system to an aftermarket system.

Overall, I have made many trips in this car and love it. The four cylinder sounds solid, but is underpowered and is mated to a poor transmission. I hope GM improves on the Terrain. I still love it though.

13th Dec 2015, 06:52

I just bought a brand new 2015 Terrain in metallic black. Only had it for a month, and so far we absolutely love it. Navigation, heated seats, premium stereo and tow package. Very well sorted out all wheel drive, with no complaints whatsoever.

28th Nov 2016, 04:51

The Terrain is a unibody, front wheel drive, transverse-engined vehicle; it is not an SUV at all, but a Crossover.