1972 Hillman Avenger GT 1.5 petrol from UK and Ireland


Wrong car at the wrong time


Twin carbs would not stay in tune.

Burnt exhaust valve caused low compression.

Minor electrical problems.

Paint tended to chip easily.

General Comments:

This was my boy racer model for the up and coming executive - GT Sports model, Automatic, etc.

Unfortunately I bought it just before the 1970's oil crisis. Fuel prices went up and up, the car drank fuel at 22mpg when it was in tune, which was not often, it needed more attention than the local Hillman dealer was capable of giving it.

The car performed OK and the 3 speed auto box worked well. Reliability was not as good as you would expect today, but no worse than the other mass produced cars of the 70's.

I was happy to get rid of it after 3 years and to trade down to something a lot more economical. No-one wanted a thirsty car then.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2003

16th Apr 2003, 13:33

I have 3 Avengers, two autos and one manual, 1500/1600s.

I have found them entirely reliable, good on petrol, approx 37 MPG - of course that's driving like an old granny, but flat footing it, it's doing 25/27 MPG easily.

The autos do use more petrol than the manual versions, but then that's a steady 25/30 MPG... Mine are the single carbs, not racey tiger looking models.

The only weak spots I have found: they do tend to overheat easy; the inner wings rust pretty badly around the door hinges, and the top of the wings go.

Also, areas around the near side front tie bar linkage and the jacking points all rust badly; this has been done to all mine.

All the best.

31st Oct 2004, 12:31

The rust problem was due to the then innovative paint, which was to keep car weight down and economize on galvanization of the metal in the body.

Unfortunately, it did not work!

22nd Apr 2010, 20:14

As a former tuner of what is now classic cars, the twin carb I tuned (Avenger GT) was a surprise. After doing the usual things like ignition, valve clearances clean/set carbs, it went like the prov poo of a shovel! It was very quick!! I thought then that this car was at least the equal of an MGB! SU's do not lose the tune unless people mess with them before they check and set the ignition!

2nd Aug 2013, 08:37

Wasn't the derelict car that Onslow's dog lived in (on "Keeping Up Appearances") a Hillman Avenger?

23rd Feb 2014, 04:11

Hi, did all of the 1500 Avenger GT models have twin carbs? The one I am looking at buying only has a single carb?

17th Apr 2014, 09:39

All GT and GLS 1500 cars had twin Stromberg CD 150 carbs. The GL had a single carb if I remember right; it was also a Stromberg 150.

The GL looks the same as the GT inside, minus a rev counter. It also has the four light grille like the GT/GLS. The seats were exactly the same for the GT/GL; the GL would be very easy to make look like a GT.

P.S. I'm talking about UK spec cars. Hope this helps.