2004 Holden Adventra CX8 5.8 V8 from Australia and New Zealand


The perfect car that Holden should not have stopped manufacturing


98000 kms it started to veer left a lot. Sorted, free (reluctantly) by second dealership I approached.

Serviced every 10,000 kms due to high mileage.

A new battery after 225,000 kms.

A new water pump at about 230,000 kms.

New shock absorbers at 300,000 kms.

New computer at 305,000 kms. $800.00.

New exhaust at 265,000 kms. $650.00.

Tyres every 27,000 kms until I bought Coopers. They are brilliant and lasting over 40,000 kms. Tyres cost about $250 each.

Drivers seat has broken plastic bit at the side, but still works OK.

New struts to hold up the back at 330,xxx kms.

Currently, needs a new brush at the back, a diff seal replaced, and the power steering rack reconditioned (next service, in about 3 weeks).

Oh, the 6 stack CD player died a while ago, with my CDs stuck inside...

General Comments:

This car has met all my expectations from the beginning. Everyone who drives it, loves it.

It handles like a sports car, can tow my two horses and horse float with ease, and glides along, hardly ever over 3000 rpms.

It overtakes like Phar Lap, has heaps of space for carrying stuff. It's been on lease, so I don't get the ouch of the petrol buying, but when it is off the lease, will not be driving it so much, for sure. At the mo, $95.00 to fill!

Seats are so comfortable, leather is the best when you have two small fluffy white dogs in the back, the cargo grill is easy to handle. Look at the kms I have done... the injury list is not, too bad...

Oh, I have collected a few kangas in it... not too much damage without the roo bar, a bit of chipping, but the paintwork is still fab. Here's a tip. Never use the brush at the car wash...

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Review Date: 4th October, 2011

5th Oct 2011, 19:14

Holden stopped making it because only you and maybe two others bought one. Probably not helped by the rubbish reviews it had from car journo's when comparing it to the Ford Territory.

11th Oct 2011, 19:33

Yeah, the Ford Territory is good but boring. I recently bought a Adventra CX8, and it's a beast of a car. You get car comfort and stability, V8 grunt and sounds, with the ability to tackle any road any where from seal, to gravel, to a farm race. I think these cars were underrated.