2004 Holden Astra Classic 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


A great car


I had to get major repairs done in 2009 when the water pump failed. I found out today that the head gasket needs replacing or I may need a replacement engine.

I really love my Astra, but I am not sure whether to get it repaired or not.

General Comments:

It drives well and handles all weather conditions.

Have travelled from Sydney to Gold Coast a couple of times and it was very good on petrol as well.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2016

2004 Holden Astra from Australia and New Zealand


Car dealers! Still dishonest and unfair


Inside light falls out of ceiling.

Front drivers seats fabric unraveling.

Back seat seams pulled apart.

Head lights frosting over from the inside.

General Comments:

I purchased this car new and paid cash.

Got all extras; car care kit, electric sun roof, back windows, steel rims, rust proofing, extra air bags etc etc.

Had it serviced at the right time at the dealership I purchased it from.

Fabric in seats is faulty and has unraveled. Holden won't look at it, stating it's out of warranty.

Now they tell me I have to have a $1,000 service for a timing problem that they say WILL happen.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2010

14th May 2011, 09:53

Car dealers are unfair most of the time, it's rare to find one that is not. Don't take it personally. It happens to everyone. Try and take it as a life lesson and look forward.

Timing belt issue? Was this a manufacturing issue or the 5yr/100,000km timing belt change? If it is the latter, then you need to have this done to prevent the timing belt from coming off or breaking. This would cause massive damage to your engine. Try a local mechanic for major servicing. Timing belts can vary from 300 to 1000, depending on where you go.

2004 Holden Astra CDX 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Worth the extra money for the top of the range model


Rattle in left front window.

Alloy wheels get very dirty from brake dust.

General Comments:

Awesome car. Looks like a BMW 3 series, just much cheaper.

Heated leather seats aren't really required, but very nice to have.

Trip Computer useful for learning how to drive economically.

Very economical car, 8.2L/100km (28mpg (US) or 34.4mpg (UK).

Can be underpowered when towing, but it's only a 1.8 4 cyl.

Good suspension for cornering, feels secure.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2005

5th Jan 2017, 03:55

I bought a secondhand 2004 Holden Astra manual 1.8 sedan at 100,000km. Nothing but trouble; clutch replaced; master brake cylinder, clutch cylinder replaced. Then slave cylinder needed replacing, which for some strange reason is housed in the gear box; all these repairs were very expensive.

Front rear vision mirror broke off - new windscreen required. Right hand rear vision mirror fell out.

Brakes needed replacing.

I had also bought a brand new Holden Astra Hatch in 1998 which had one problem after another from the outset - I will never ever buy one of these cars again. All the mechanics I have dealt with over the years have told me that these cars are just a money pit. Do yourself a favour and just don't even look at it!

2004 Holden Astra CD Classic 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Outstandingly good value for the money,



General Comments:

I originally ordered the Astra Classic sedan, with the option pack (traction control, power windows, ABS) but the dealer couldn't source one and so offered me the CD Classic sedan for an extra $500. Although I was told it would be available within a few days, the days stretched into weeks due to a delay at the Holden end. In the meantime they offered me one of the new model hatchbacks to drive.

It was interesting to compare the "New Astra" with the Astra CD Classic when mine arrived a week later. Although the "New Astra" had a few extra features missing from the CD Classic (MP3 player, seatbelt warning alarm etc), I much preferred the look, feel and interior of the CD Classic. The new model is just a bit too funky looking, and the interior doesn't have the refined, classy feel about it that the older model has. It's slightly futuristic look seems a little "cheap".

I've had my car for a week now, and am loving every aspect of it. Not being a "car" person, I'd never understood the term "a drivers car", but I do now. The Astra is a joy to drive and has a lot more power than I imagined it would, especially as I was coming from a V6 Falcon.

The first few days I owned the car, it rained constantly and I was surprised by how well it handled in the wet. Having the wipers on most of the time stopped me from looking like a complete idiot when I hit the wipers instead of indicators too. I'm getting used to the left hand indicator switch now, but old habits die hard.

The Blaupunkt sound system is awesome, and I have definitely noticed the speed-variable volume, particularly as I have to accelerate quickly after backing out of my driveway. The steering wheel sound controls are very easy to use without taking your eyes off the road.

The cruise control is wonderful. I hardly used that feature in the Falcon because I had to press a sequence of buttons on the steering wheel, which I could never get used to. But in the Astra, it's one click on the end of the indicator stalk.

Storage space is excellent; the boot is HUGE for such a compact car.

I am thrilled with this car. It has class, style and understated elegance. And it has a LOT of features for the money.

I will try and update this review after a month or so, as I am driving from SE Victoria to Canberra soon and so should have a more comprehensive outlook on the handling, fuel consumption, comfort level etc.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2004