19th Aug 2011, 22:39

Hello all.

I also have had the misfortune of owning a 2002 TS CD Holden Astra. I have had it for 9 years, and had nothing but costly break down repairs for the whole time.

Despite regimental servicing, its components were continually breaking down.

Ignition barrel replaced twice.

Air conditioning system stopped working.

Timing belt replaced at 60k.

Radiator cooling system repairs.

Constant wheel alignment problems.

Now there is a horrible rattle in the engine, which I was quoted a minimum of $1000 to repair.

In the last 3 years, just in repairs, I have spent well over $5000.

Overall comment.

These cars seem to offer good value, & are reasonably well appointed, however, be warned, if you buy one of these cars, you will be forever forking out. My advice is to stay the hell away from these cars; absolute money pits. Never again.

5th Jul 2014, 02:33

I have just had the exact thing done to my car due to the same problem that you list above - new coil pack fitted and spark plugs replaced, due to the engine light appearing, and the car shuddering terribly and experiencing a loss of power.

Did your mechanic tell you why this happened to you?

Exactly the same thing happened to me, so the coil pack and spark plugs have been replaced. But now my Astra's turning off randomly with all lights on the dash flashing.

16th Mar 2015, 13:08

From my experience of helping a friend with his Astra 2002 model 1.8 engine (don't know any other details), the coil pack issue was just the connections. You spray a bit of WD40 on them, pull them off and on a few times, and it's fine.

So, the engine light comes on and the car runs rough because one or so cylinders isn't firing, and it's usually just the connector plug that needs wiggling or maybe cleaning.