18th Jan 2003, 06:40

I just bought a 2002 Astra CD and also find it really hard to change from 3rd to 2nd. I originally found it hard to change from 1st to 2nd, but worked out that I had to wait until it got to about 40rpm before changing into 2nd. This has now fixed the problem. Other than that, this car has everything you could possibly want. I couldn't be happier (except for the gear changes).

25th Nov 2003, 23:53

Well its now 3 years old in FEB 2004 and has done 52000k to date and, touch wood, no problems apart from the windscreen washer which was fixed with a clean out at service. Still makes me smile when I drive it though twisty pieces of road, around Kiama for instance, and the seats are still hard!

The gearbox is a lot better now as long as you don't want to do 'racing' changes.

Overall I would still buy another one and will look with interest when the new shape comes out, but only look as this one has to do me for a few more years yet!

There are a few rattles, but these could be due to all the junk that accumulates in the door pockets, boot, and everywhere else that can be found to put sweet tins, CD cases and folding camp chairs..

3rd Feb 2004, 19:19

Has now clocked up 56000k and had to have it towed away to the dealer!!, the problem was that the key would not turn in the ignition lock, and no the steering lock was not on. Got the NRMA to have a look, via holden assist, and they fixed it by blowing compressed air into the lock, to cool it down. The guy reckoned it was a common fault and that there were plastic shims in the lock that warped in the heat. It was around 38 degrees that day. Anyway I switched off again and tried to start it again - same result - the key would not turn and that's when I organised it to be towed to a dealer. They told me they rebuilt the lock, and so far so good, its been a week now. anyone else had similar problems??

16th May 2004, 20:16

Well, just had a 60k service done on the car, cost --- $850 dollars (aus)!!! that's a suprise that I didn't see coming, and really 60k is not a great mileage, if it had 100k then I would not have been quite so surprised. Motto always check the cost of servicing as a factor when you are buying a new car..

8th Sep 2004, 22:07

The traction control and emission lights keep coming on then the TC light will go out after a day or so followed by the emission light after another couple of days. Following that they both come on together again after another day or so to repeat the cycle.

Hello MR. Holden main dealer...