2001 Holden Astra TS City 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


A high performance bargain


Only a slight vibration noise coming from the left side of the car.

Also the spoiler on the rear restricts vision.

General Comments:

Great car, feels good to drive, and is very quick and tight around corners.

It's got plenty of built in space and is comfortable, even with five adults.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2001

28th Jan 2002, 21:38

Never heard of a car called Holden Falcon before... just exactly what kind of car did you have before? Ford? or Holden?

2001 Holden Astra CD 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Not overpowered, but really well equipped and good to drive


Sump plug fell out after 3000 km's, resulting in complete and sudden loss of oil. I stopped the engine in time, and the car had to be towed.

Window tinting is starting to bubble in several places.

Roof mounted brake light broke free from its housing and had to be replaced.

Drivers side seat belt housing has developed a rattle.

General Comments:

Aside from the items above, which are in the process of being rectified, I am generally happy with the Astra.

It is quiet and comfortable to drive, though it takes some getting used to the drive by wire characteristics of the throttle. While not as speedy as my previous 2.0L Pulsar, the Astra is definately a better drive.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2001

12th Sep 2001, 22:12

Has the rattle been rectified? If so, what was the fix?

15th Sep 2001, 00:57

Yeah, I am quite interested in this rattle problem, as it occurs in my Astra as well. Just didn't think it was major enough to get it fixed by the dealer.

Has it been fixed yet?

13th Oct 2001, 20:26

If you find out what the rattle is please post. I have the same problem and my dealer has not rectified it in the last 2 months. Also my driver's side seat back creaks like a rocking chair.

2001 Holden Astra City 3 door hatch 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Good when the faults are fixed


Small exhaust leak which I had TIG welded (stainless steel) for $20.

General Comments:

I too have found the characteristic of hanging on to engine revs (and in fact increasing revs on release of throttle) to be very annoying. So much so, I have written to CEO Peter Hanenberger about the driveability.

The Astra uses a dual tuned runner manifold arrangement which results in a volume of air to cleared on trailing throttle. The engine management software could be edited if Opel were willing I think, but this would upset the emission characteristics.

Transient emissions.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2001

14th Oct 2001, 03:47

Terrible throttle.

2001 Holden Astra CD 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Economical, quick and fun to drive



General Comments:

The car has excellent road holding abilities and good drive out of corners.

The engine revs very freely and the car is surprisingly quick if you keep the revs going.

Torque is just great and it pulls from 40kph in 5th gear on the flat!

The gearbox is not a slick change, for instance moving from 3rd to 2nd often baulks. The other gears are fine as long as you take your time. The gearbox is better than a few months ago and hopefully will free up some more.

When changing down, the engine actually revs up a few hundred revs as you declutch which initially made it difficult to do smooth gear changes. I have got used to it, but would prefer the engine not to do that.

Everything is to hand from the driver's point of view with a good range of adjustment on the steering wheel.

The big gripes are lack of rear head restraints which is really bad, and the lack of an optional factory fitted tilt and slide sunroof.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2001

17th Oct 2001, 19:48

At the 15000km service, there was found to be a slight oil leak on the transaxle. This is to be fixed under warranty at the next service.

12th Jan 2002, 23:36

The rear headrest are on the 2002 spec Astras. Not much help to you but to the prospective buyers out there.

12th Nov 2002, 19:25

It has now done 33,300 K's and the windscreen washers have gone onto half power! You have to keep pulling the lever rapidly to get it to squirt at anything like new power.

I shall get it fixed at the next service. Also the power steering, when reversing slowly seems 'notchy' and a bit clunky, although its fine when on the move. Again I shall mention this at the next service. Because I only get to drive the car at the weekends (my wife uses it during the week) I tend to notice these things more I guess.

Overall still going well and the gearbox is getting better at changing gear, but still not as good as my sons 8 month old Nissan Pulsar.

The reving up of the engine when driving normally and changing gear is still a pain... and makes it sound like you can't change gear properly. Why can't this be fixed by Holden??