2001 Holden Astra CD 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Feels like a BMW


Some interior rattles - I took my car back to the dealer twice to fix the rattle problem. However, the rattles came back soon after the service.

The brake was very hard when the car was new. It is getting better now.

General Comments:

Astra offers superb handling.

The 5-door hatchback has fairly large boot space.

It is good value for money.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2003

2001 Holden Astra CD 1.8 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Good car, shame about the service


Both headlights changed once because of condensation.

Fog lights replaced 5 times because of poor fogging up on the inside glass.

Rear dampers needed to be done.

Crank angle sensor replaced.

ECU needed to be updated because of a disagreement with the ECU and the immobiliser.

All this was covered under warranty thank goodness, but the service departments leaves a lot to be desired.

Brake dust still bakes on hard to the alloys.

When the headlights and fogs were replaced, no bulb in the fog lights, Also missing rubber surrounds from the headlights. 2 people checked and both passed it to be done.

Also very surprised Hella who makes the headlights bring out something so poor.

General Comments:

Possiblity of oil given to them not being used in the 30k service. Engine doesn't rev as nicely as it once did. Maybe that was because I switched to the Shell Helix Ultra from Mobil 1. Will go back to Mobil 1 again.

Do a change yourself half way through the service interval. 15,000km on any oil isn't good.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2003

2001 Holden Astra CD 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


A mostly pleasant surprise


There is an annoying creak or rattle that seems to emanate from the front passenger seatbelt housing.

Another annoying vibration seems to come from the lower dash near where the passenger's right leg would rest.

Both faults were reported to the dealer within 1 week of getting the car. I was told that they "don't do warranty work on weekends" and that noise etc is not covered under warranty anyway, that is, I'd have to pay to have these irritants fixed.

General Comments:

Having got my complaints off my chest, the Astra is a surprisingly zippy little car and obviously much more economical than my old Statesman.

Outside noise suppression is very good and I was pleasantly surprised by the decent factory sound system.

The seats, while lacking lumbar support, are firm, but comfortable. Driver's seat height adjustment is good, as is the telescopic steering column.

I begrudge paying any money to the dealer to fix up the interior noise. If anyone else has had interior noise problems, I would love to hear from you with any happy endings.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2003

16th Apr 2003, 23:20

I have a happy, but embarrassing ending!!! The driver's side door on my CD sedan was making a squeaking noise, having heard of these problems before, I took it straight to the dealer's and was told that it had been fixed, and when I asked how they fixed it was given a vague recount of an African tribal dance,(they couldn't tell me how they'd done it)!!!

When I got just out of the gates of the dealership, it started again...

A week later, my fiance and I where visiting his mother's house and the squeaking door came up in conversation, and I was told by his mum, "all you have to do is rub Vaseline on the seal's around the door". She said this is what she'd done to her Astra, and the problem had vanished!

My fiance works for Holden and he couldn't figure it out, so being told this by his mum was a bit embarrassing for him!

2001 Holden Astra TS 3-door 1.8 16v from Australia and New Zealand


An overrated euro


The engine stalls and takes time to restart.

The dash and front doors are rattling, and is very annoying.

Revs stay up when changing gears.

General Comments:

The car is okay compared to its competitors.

My previous car out performs it easily apart from that it is a comftorble small car, as long as you take your time when making gear changes.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2002

6th Jan 2003, 01:11

What's the deal with the gear changes? go how you normally do and if the car doesn't like it, she'll tell you! (take out the standard guts and put in new ones!) That's what I did, now my boyfriend thinks it is the best souped-up Astra around!!!YEAHHH!!!