2nd Jul 2002, 02:50

I have had an Astra convertible now for 4 months. The car delivers handling and ride that makes it a dream to drive, top up or down. The exterior design (by Bertone) regularly causes people to take a second look. Other touches like the stylish and effective wind-breaker for the back seat, decent capacity boot, and comfortable back seats, show that a lot thought went into this car.

My negative observations are the minor one about the remote locking often not having much range, and the lack of rear vision when reversing with the top up.

One other problem that I am experiencing is difficulty starting when the engine is very cold (less than 10 C). The traction control and emissions warning lights stay on, and then it takes minutes of warmup before the revs will go above 1000 RPM. The service centre is taking a second try at fixing this. Please let me know if you know the cause, or better, a solution for this.

17th Nov 2002, 23:28

I have had similar problems with the remote central locking and remote roof. It is of the first cars that was released in December 2001.

I took the car back to the Holden Service department early in 2002, but of course, being an intermittent problem, they couldn't identify the problem. I have since however, taken it back again (last week) and straight away they identified the problem as being a faulty computer and remotes. It was apparently a common problem that has since been resolved (June 2002). The new parts have been ordered and I expect to have them replaced in the next couple of weeks.

Apart from this minor problem (which most importantly doesn't affect the very enjoyable driving experience), I have been extremely satisfied with the car!

26th Mar 2004, 10:14

Hey guys, on the topic of Astra problems, I have a 2001 TS Astra and recently I've been finding it difficult to start. On the way home tonight my emission system service light came on? Is that a serious problem? Is it common? And what can I do about the difficulty to start problem?

Your comments and help would be greatly appreciated people.

Regards, Evan

Melbourne, Australia.

3rd Aug 2006, 22:29


I purchased a 2005 run-out this year.

There were problems with it straight away.

The cruise control did not work all the time & would cut out for no reason, it would pull back a lot while driving & the roof plays up.

So far it has had a new computer, which fixed the pulling back & Cruise Control.

The Roof has not played up for the dealer yet.

Then after only 7000 km the check oil light came on & they thought it was the new computer.

But it turned out I was out of oil, it had gone thru 1.8 litres of oil. I am now taking it back to my dealer every 2 weeks to check the oil, as I am only averaging 350km a week.

I have spoken to other mechanics about the oil usage & they tell me it should not need any oil & that they will need to overhaul my motor.

Thank god I paid the extra & got a 5 year 100,000km warranty on it.

Other than that it does drive nice & is heavy on the road & you don't feel like you are in a 2 door convertible.