8th Jan 2006, 21:57

I agree with the fist comment.

I have had problems with my astra since day 1.

I have returned it now 5 times to get a noise when reversing fixed and it continues to occur.

I have replaced all 4 tires before 60000 as well and yes they have been rotated.

22nd Jun 2006, 22:29

I'm also having the same problems with my 2003 Astra. 60,000km and they're crap, and Holden don't give a damn. Don't even get me started on the warranty or extended warranty, that doesn't cover anything on the car, because it's all "just normal wear sir". The damn warranty doesn't even cover the service.

Don't ever purchase a Holden. I've been driving them since 74 with a new one every 5 years or so, but with the problems I've had with this one, I'll never get another.

9th Jan 2007, 22:13

Looks like were not the only ones with the same problems with our Astra. what a piece of garbage this things is. I have lost count of the times it has been back to holden to fix things. just a few... 2 door hinges, the ignition barrel, rear hatch fell apart, headlining, water pump, 2 sets of brakes, driver seat adjuster... all on a car that is 3 years old and done 75,000. You need to buy a $30 part just to change wiper blades. If anyone is reading this and looking at buying an Astra... for your own sake don't! They will cost you dearly. Having said that..I've got one for sale... he he he... maybe I should wait till I sell it before laughing.

15th Aug 2007, 16:44

I have a 99 TS Astra which I brought brand new. I too experienced the problem with my brakes making a loud grinding noise. Luckily I had a friend that works at Holden who managed to get it put under warranty. He too confirmed that the brakes were faulty.

The other problem I experienced was with my cd player. The radio would turn on full blast when I would start the car on a cold day. Holden refused to acknowledge this so I had to replace the radio at my own cost.

The other problem I had and still have is that my car regularly blows brake light lamps. I have also noticed that I see many Astras on the road of which many have at least one brake light blown... seems to be a common fault. Head light lamps have also been replaced quite often.

I must admit after these initial problems that my car has now done 210000km's and is running fine. I must admit that I stopped servicing it at Holden after the 3 year warranty was up and I found my self a trustworthy mechanic who tells me the TRUTH!!!

12th Sep 2007, 06:34

I have a 2002 Holden Astra CD. I've had it for only 6 months on 92000ks, and already I've spent over $4500 on fixing the timing belt, rotors, all brakes, and had a problem with the hand brake being clamped on the wheel.

Now I have to take it back because the brakes are still squeaking, and a grinding noise the same as before is coming back.

Also my engine has never been the same since they let me out of the car yard with absolutely no water or oil. Not happy at all.

Also the warranty did not pay for a single cent.

18th Oct 2007, 18:13

I have a 2002 Astra Equip which I purchased second hand at 5 years old with only 35,000 kms on it. I have a complete service history for it and it has been fine since brand new. Two tyres were changed for the roadworthy before I bought it, but that's pretty normal and I think the brakes had been done - yet once over 5 years is pretty good.

I was also aware that the 60,000km service to change the timing belt was going to be expensive because I checked this out prior to buying the car. If you get holden to do it its almost $1000 but getting any dealership to service your car is usually like throwing cash away.

My sister also has a 2002 Astra City and she bought hers new, she hasn't had any problems with her car other than having the brakes done at 45,000km which under her extended warranty cost her a bit at the dealership as they have to replace the discs not simply machine them as other cars. I don't see this as extreme to have the brakes done as the car has spent its whole life in city driving stopping constantly.

Otherwise my Astra has been great, it drives well, is pretty fuel efficient and doesn't make any weird noises.I'm completely happy with the car and everyone I know with an Astra, about 6 friends and co-workers, loves their car.

6th Dec 2007, 19:59

I have a 2004 OPEL Astra CD.

Just called for a service to find that (in my case) the 63000k service will set me back about $900 (timing belt etc). Having replaced a timing belt AFTER it went I can see pain both ways. $900 is rather ouch tho : (

I've had what I thought was cheap and expensive services and have been more or less content, so this should be the major service for a while and I seem to remember it was coming...

I have experienced 2 issues with the car, the AC compressor died (under warranty) and the LHS indicators stopped functioning due to some bad wiring (fixed gratis).

AS for people replacing 6 tyres, I'm up to about 8 what with some nasty punctures (twice had 2 flats). I've only ever managed to wear out 3 tyres :/

My records show that on average I'm spending around $2000 a year maintining it being: REGO/Insurance ($1400-1500), Servicing ($250-400 but not after this year hey!) and consumables ($150-300). Maintainance is rising and Insurance is somewhat decreasing.

Also, fuel efficiency is very slowly rising from an after break in low of around 7.8L/100 to close to 8.5L/100 now.

14th Apr 2008, 23:25

I have owned my 2002 Holden TS Astra Equipe since it was brand new. I experienced a problems with the cruise control not coming on, which suprisingly fixed itself on the way to the dealer! I have never had a problem since, so have put it down to a loose wire somewhere.

I have experienced problems with the ignition barrel which was fixed by a locksmith for the cost of $80.00

I have never had a problem with wear and tear on tyres. Brakes lasted 100,000kms which I was pretty impressed with.

Water pump was changed due to failure at 110,000km (timing belt was done at the same time, as apparently there is a fault with them and they must be done every 60,000km)

Overall I'am happy with my car. I believe most of it to be normal wear and tear. I do not use a Holden Dealership for any of the work carried out on my car and believe this is saving me a fortune!

2nd Jun 2008, 23:29

I own an Astra, and I've recently had to replace my 4 tyres a second time (at 92000 kilometres), which isn't bad, seeing as I flog it around and burn it out (yes I know, how can you do this with 90 KW's). I only recently had 2 problems with it, brakes squeaking (ever since I got my tyres changed) and air conditioning failing. Not that it would take much to re gas it. I have no idea why others are complaining, it's not that bad, and not nearly as expensive or costly as other cars on todays markets.