9th Mar 2011, 01:39

I bought a TS Holden Astra 2001 from my brother-in-law.

It has two fault codes evident: P0351 ignition coil 1 high input, present and P0256 is brought on by the first fault. However, when I am driving the fault changes to P0351 ignition coil 1 missing. I am in the process of working out if the ECU, the coil pack or the wiring inbetween is damaged.

I recommend buying an op-com approximately $45, which can plug into a laptop and read the fault codes from Opel cars and clear them as well.

I also recommend buying a Haynes car repair manual.

These items can save the home mechanic lots of cash!

26th Apr 2011, 00:36

I have a 99 Astra 1.8 manual, which I bought off my son. Been in the family about 4 years, and it's gone from 90K to now 175K. Only major problem is the A/C has just packed up, the clutch which is a common problem, but it appears a reasonably easy home job to replace the fuse in the clutch or buy a new clutch ($115 on eBay).

Great handling and performing car, good for trips with cruise. I do the servicing, so that is cheap. Major jobs, I get a local mechanic, who does the work in our carport using after market parts. Cam belt replaced at 135Ks for about $450 total.

All round a good little car, but you do need to know cars and look after them.

1st May 2011, 21:16

I have a Astra 2001 CD auto which I purchased new. I only drive the car short distances every day and it's only done 48000km in that time.

I have had all the required services done and yet I still have had the same problems as some others have previously mentioned. E.g. replace the barrel lock, transmission coils and the most expensive part to go so far has been the computer.

For a car with such low mileage it has cost me a small fortune. I won't be keeping mine and will never touch one again. I had a Mazda before this car for 18 years and it never missed a beat and I was sorry to let it go.

3rd May 2011, 04:13

Interesting you say that about Mazda, because my mother had 2, my grandmother has had 6 new ones (over 20 years), and my wife has one, and all had problems.

My grandmother's brand new Mazda 6 Limited has had small electrical problems. As did her other 5. She had a 2002 323 SP20, and that had computer trouble. I can't remember the other 4 in detail.

My mother had a 1987 323, which had left her stranded once on the side of the road when the car was less than 3 years old, because a major part which is meant to last the life of the vehicle crapped itself.

And her 1994 323 Astina suffered from chronic transmission problems and electrical issues including interior lighting. That car had done less than 70,000km, but was suffering trouble since 20,000km.

My wife has had HUGE trouble with her 323, which started off at 80,000km, and we still have it today at 130,000km after many repairs. We have had power steering fixed after it died on the highway, and we have had the alternator blow up on us in a major city street. Its number of interior electrical faults is chronic. Nearly everything is dead or dying in terms of lighting.

It's important to point out that the three people mentioned above are very good drivers and care very much for their vehicles, and are always serviced at dealers and on time. Always genuine parts are used. Mazdas are a bad joke. End of. My grandmother is stupid and she continues to buy that crap, and my mother now has a Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo.

Whilst my wife now drives a Holden Viva 5door hatch, which is excellent.

I drive a Holden Astra TS 5 door hatch, and I've had to have the aircon rebuilt. That's it.

10th Jul 2011, 05:20

I have a 2002 City. I just bought it as my first car, and the computer in it has gone at 126 000 kms. Luckily it's under warranty, but if you are looking at buying one, I would make sure it has a warranty if from a dealer.

13th Jul 2011, 01:55

To the poster above, I own a 2002 with 139,000km, and I'm interested in knowing what happened.

I have replaced my radiator and had the aircon compressor rebuilt in the time that I have owned it (just over 12 months). Love the car to bits, despite the huge costs it's given to me. This is mainly due the extremely good fuel efficiency.

30th May 2012, 22:10

I agree!!!

I love my Astra 2002 CD. I brought it with 165km on the clock, and have had minimal issues.

I changed the CD player in it, as it was faulty whenever the car was cold (always in winter). I would turn the car on and the volume would be full pelt. Not nice when you leave at 5am for work.

Sometimes the cruise control decides not to work; not very often though.

No problems with tyre wear or brakes.

My Astra is a family car, work car, taxi and work horse all in one! A lot of the time I wish I could upgrade for the luxuries of a newer car, but I always come back to my Astra, and I can't bring myself to give her up.

In the 2 years I have had her, I have ran the clock up to 247000 kms.

I travel 330kms to and from work everyday. I get 600kms out of a tank, and that's with exceeding the speed limit for majority of trips. My Astra is also super powerful. I recently hired a Cruze, the 2012 model, and I let my mum drive for me, as it was no way in comparison a better car than the Astra. It felt cheap, had no guts, and was not comfortable by any means.

The biggest and most annoying problem I have had yet, is the heater not working, which I have sorted out today, only needing the thermostat replaced.

I love my Astra, and I feel they are really a luck of the draw. Reading some of the comments, it seems some cars are great, and some are maybe not looked after well or poorly made. I just find it hard to think there can be so many bad ones, and then a good one pops up. My car is dirty and the body is scratched due to kids, minor doings and run ins with shopping trolleys and gutters, but it is mechanically always looked after.

I hope you all find a good one if you go for an Astra in the future.

Have a great day! :)