1995 Holden Barina SB 1.4 from Australia and New Zealand


Revs high on start up. Any help with the fault would be good.

General Comments:

Not a bad car, very slow & takes a while to get to speed, but when there it's OK.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2007

15th Apr 2007, 23:34

Coolant temperature sensor worked for me. The one that talks to the electronic control unit.

24th Sep 2012, 22:20

Just wondering if anyone can help me? I have an auto 1995 Barina, and recently I have been having a few issues with it.

The two main ones are that whilst driving, the 'S' button on the dash will start to flash. Whilst flashing, the car has hardly any acceleration, which leads me to having to turn it off and restart the car. On occasions this will continue to happen within a short amount of time. Each day I warm my car up for at least 5 minutes (when hot and cold outside) as I have had other issues with the car stalling when I am driving and stop (i.e. at a red light, stop sign).

The other issue is when I have the lights on at night, both the dash and the head lights will become quite bright, and then fade back to normal. This will continue to happen throughout the time I am driving. Whilst the lights become brighter, the car loses acceleration until they fade back to normal. This is quite annoying, as cars in front of me think that I am flashing them.

Hope someone can help me with my problem.


27th Feb 2013, 01:52

I have had the same problem with the flashing Sport light.

I found that the difference between D and 3rd is small, and it only flashed while I was in 3rd.

18th Nov 2014, 00:24

We have been having the same problem with our car for quite some time with the 'S' light flashing and starting off in third gear.

We also have problems with the fuel gauge giving an incorrect reading, speedometer reading about 5-10km over the actual speed and the outside temperature gauge not working.

We took it to a Holden dealer who could not find any faults.

1995 Holden Barina SB 1.2 from Australia and New Zealand


Very unhappy with reliability


Rear CV joint broke and wheel seized at 150,000km.

Radiator obtained a hole and started overheating at 160,000km.

Black bumper bars have major discolorations and are almost gray.

Petrol and temperature gage on dash malfunctioning ever since I bought the car.

General Comments:

This car has not much get up and go and from my own personal experience has been nothing but problems. The inside of the car is very tidy and comfortable but under the bonnet has been nothing but trouble for me.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2004

1995 Holden Barina SB Swing 1.4 perol from Australia and New Zealand


A slow, simple, and interesting way to learn to drive


Brakes failed on a major inner city hill.

The windscreen leaks and it smells strange inside.

General Comments:

The performance from the 1.4 is devastatingly slow with an automatic. It must be a sight to see me (a learner) revving the hell out of it just to keep up with the traffic.

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Review Date: 5th November, 2003

1995 Holden Barina GSi 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


Buy Japanese


Constant fuel injection problems that caused the car to "run rich"

The car was running on 3 cylinders at times.

General poor fit and finish indide and out.

Rear lights kept blowing out, a common electrical problem.

The car often refused to start.

Hopeless air conditioning.

General Comments:

The car went quite hard for a 1.6 and had average handling.

Ultimately the reliability trade off is not worth it.

The worst part was that Holden didn't know how to fix it when its numerous problems occured and did not have the correct computer software on hand.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2002

3rd Dec 2002, 17:56

I experienced the same problems with reliability. I own a 1994 Holden Barina Swing and the engine either (a) cut out while driving, or (b) refused to start. I had to change numerous parts, including the rotor button, ignition module, fuel relay pump, timing belt, etc. All to the cost of $2000 (warranty ended) and still the problem persists! The current diagnosis is that it is either a fuel injection problem or the fuel alternator. I will never buy a Holden again. Nippon ichiban!