23rd Jun 2004, 00:16

I am suffering problems with the car constantly stalling. Holden don't know whether it's the computer or the GSR? Holden are off my list as well.

15th Sep 2004, 00:44

I currently own a 1996 Barina GSI. I've only had this little beauty for a few months and I have hit a big hurdle. My engine constantly revs on its own when the engine gets to hot seeming like someone is accelerating for me, then eventually stalls and is unable to start without a rest. Surprisingly once the car completely cools down it is able to start smoothly and drive again!

I took the car back to the Holden dealer to have it tested under the relevant software, and they were not useful at all. They came up with a never ending list with uncertainties regarding the Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve, coolant temperature sensor and oxygen sensors, all needing to be replaced or reconditioned which they quoted over $2000.

I have also noticed that the tail light on the driver's side always blows out, which I have replaced twice already.

The gears cannot be pushed BACK into first gear unless the car is almost stationery, which is most annoying in city traffic.

However, overall I think the car is very quick in take off, and with the exception of those pointed out above the Barina is a very fuel efficient car.

21st Sep 2005, 03:23

I have a 1996 Holden Barina GP. Every now and again when I start it, it revs really high for about 5-10 seconds. It then goes back to normal and is fine to drive. I want to know if this is OK or if it is a problem. I'm also having issues with the temperature gauge moving up to hot when I've stopped at lights and then going back down to cool when I'm driving. If anyone has any advice that'd be great. Thanks.

21st Nov 2005, 00:53

I have a 1996 Barina GSI she is quick and has pretty good handling how ever the sump plug came loose and no lights on my dash informed me of low oil. In result the engine seized up.

I'm looking at buying a second hand engine, but from the comments I have heard I'm thinking about putting a different type of engine.

Just wondering if any one has any suggestions or advice for me. Ryan. cheers


17th Mar 2006, 17:27

Hi people..

Just a warning... The '01 XC Barina has a very cheap and dangerous car jack. The other day I was lifting the car, the jack slipped and the "plastic" "clips" that were supposed to hold a tonne of a car obviously snapped, and the car went forward. Luckily it was parked and the hand brake was on.

I suggest it should be a recall. I even emailed Holden for a contact to send my complaint to.. no response. So just be careful people.

Thanks, Mtn.

3rd Apr 2006, 07:46

I bought my Barina GSI second hand. Went well for about 3 months then serviced it because engine management light came on. Cost a fortune and took so long because it needs a chip to diagnose the engine. Got no warranty for repairs done. After the car started stalling while driving. Just stopped. Wait a bit then it would start again. I found a mechanic I trust a he recommends getting rid of it. I hate to get rid of it, but it cost too much to repair and even holden don't seem to know what is wrong with it. I call it a lemon.

10th Apr 2006, 14:52


I purchased a Holden Barina Swing new in 1995,it has since travelled 85,000 kms. For two years we experienced problems with the car revving high when hot or cutting out and refusing to start while hot, very intermittently I must add, but always starting OK when cold.

Two visits to the local Holden dealership produced expensive bills, but the problems continued. I then decided to "shotgun it" and replaced the computer, still no joy. A work colleague said he had experienced similar problems with another make of vehicle that was cured with a Coolant Temperature Sensor replacement (the one feeding the computer). This $30 item I replaced and the vehicle is running sweet again.

I trust this may be of benefit to some readers as I note similar symptom's have been experienced by many.

12th Apr 2006, 03:43

Hey my mum owns a 1995 Barina "Joy" model which I drive sometimes, I was recently driving it and all of a sudden there was no power I was confused, but when I came to a roundabout and put in to 2nd then turned there was absolutely no power at all, I came to an intersection then took of in first and once again basically rolled along the road for a while, until I got home, I checked my dashboard no check engine light, but the temperature was almost 100 c, (note only been driving for under 5 minutes), I checked under the hood, but couldn't see anything out of the ordinary, so reved it in neutral, but still very slow to gain rpm. I turned the car off let it sit then cranked it again, and it started, but had very low rpm (500) and was constantly fluxuating between 500-1000 before evening out after 30 seconds, what could the problem be, maybe cylinders not firing? There is also this constant rattle when accelerating above 3000 rpm.. Please help..

Also drivers side rear tail light has blown 3 times and air con also has gone 3 times.

4th Sep 2006, 23:24

I have owned at 95 Barina Swing for 9 years have had constant problems with the car stalling while driving. I was not aware that there were so many people having the same problem.

When I got the car it had a Holden use car warranty. The dealer I got it though had 9 goes at fixing the problem (including replacing the emu and sensors) without any luck. Holden denied that they have had this problem before. Eventually when the Holden warranty ran out the washed their hands of the problem.

I have just had an interesting problem occour with the fuel injection system though. The Fuel flow diaphragm that controls the flow of fuel to the fuel return line on the TBI injection body failed. It was spraying fuel into the air box and flooded the car. I contacted the local Holden dealer and the said that Holden have never had one of these fail. It cost $140 for a new one.

24th Nov 2006, 16:58

I have a 96 barina swing. I have had it for 6 months and have had some major reliability problems. So far, I have replaced the alternator ($600) the timing belts, (general maintenance at 100000km) the water pump, the radiator pipe, the thermostat switch and thermostat.

It has now only done 103000km and despite these replacements in the cooling system I am still experiencing overheating when I stop at traffic light or driving slowly around the car park. I am now seriously considering selling the car. I am student and just can't afford these continuous and expensive repairs.

On the other hand I admit that I will be hard pushed to find another car of similar age with such a modern interior. Top Marks there. The dual airbags are also a feature which isn't available in any other small car of the time that I have seen.