2009 Holden Barina TK (update series) 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


A lot of bang for buck!


The sunroof leaks only very slightly in heavy rain, or when a pressure hose is used to wash vehicle.

A slight shudder and squeaky noise appears sometimes when turning the wheel while parking - possibly something to do with the power steering or the steering rack, but I will raise this with the dealer at next service.

Otherwise, nothing has gone wrong! It's a very reliable vehicle!

General Comments:

Paid $16,000 for the vehicle brand new, and this included every option available.

There are a list of features that I was very surprised to find on an inexpensive car like this one. These include factory iPod integration with six speaker sound system, heated mirrors - very handy in the rain, electronic glass sunroof, ABS brakes, 1.6 litre petrol engine, steering wheel controls for audio system, chrome finishes inside - without being tacky.

Overall, this vehicle offers extremely good value for money. It's no sports car, but the handling is still good around town, as is the speed and economy.

Fuel economy: $50 to fill tank, and if running the air con on every journey, you will get about 450km before the light comes on!

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Review Date: 27th March, 2010

18th Nov 2010, 17:34

If I was you I'd start saving. My friend has a 3.5 year old Barina, ECU dies, $1700 quote to replace by a Brisbane dealer. Make sure you keep on at Holden, because if you don't, and you run even slightly out of warranty, and haven't had your car serviced always at a Holden dealer, then they won't stand behind their product.

29th May 2012, 22:53

I am having the same problems! High revs, squeaky noise when going over bumps and turning/parking. My windows vibrate all the time, and my left speaker blew and I didn't even have the music up loud! I had that fixed and it has done it again (or they didn't fix it correctly the first time).

About to bring it in for ANOTHER service next week to have 5 things repaired on it; hopefully all under warranty, as I still have another 7 months left of it :S.

1st Dec 2012, 09:37

I have a 2009 Holden Barina. It went really well for 2 years. But in its third year, I've noticed squeaks and tremors when going over bumps. While still under warranty, I took it to the dealer.

1st visit, they said nothing was wrong with the vehicle.

2nd visit, they said there was an issue and replaced the mountings under warranty. But the problem was not fixed, so took it back to dealer.

3rd visit visit, they said nothing was wrong in the first place, and charged me for labour.

Got a second opinion to confirm it was the shocks, and they still refused to fix the problem until I threatened to go to an ombudsman.

20th Mar 2016, 12:54

Most ECU car faults can be fixed by re-flowing the solder. This can be done at home using your oven, but the time it needs to bake in the oven can vary due to the accuracy of the oven's thermostat. I fixed a Toyota/Lexus engine ECU and a Mercedes transmission ECU using a home oven.