13th Oct 2014, 02:47

Wow, confusing timing belt, timing chain, he said, she said. These cars have timing belts, and if serviced properly, they should be replaced every 5 years or 60,000 km, whichever comes first without fail.

1st Feb 2015, 04:07

Hi Susan.

The water problem is due to the seal around the brake booster. It is poor quality silicon/body filler that cracks, letting the water in to your car.

Regards, Jay.

12th Feb 2015, 02:38

The XC Barina's 1.4 litre engine can have either a timing belt (that requires regular changing) or a timing chain, which should last the life of the car.

I have an '05 Barina manual. I bought it late in 2013 for $5000 as a learner car for my two sons. Thus far we have had absolutely no problems with it. Despite buying it with 102000km on the clock (it now has 113000), it runs beautifully and everything (including the A/C) still works as if it was new.

Get your Holden dealer to check the engine number. That will tell if it's fitted with chain driven cams or belt driven cams.

19th Mar 2015, 08:59

So that's why I can't find the stupid leak in mine... Time to silicone the crap out of it :D

2nd May 2015, 09:04

The Z14XEP 1.4i engine had a timing chain. I have just done my daughter's head gasket for her and put a new chain kit on it, including the tensioner. It is mainly the guides and tensioner that fail, not the actual chain itself. I get all my parts sent from the UK as I saved over $300 dollars in parts doing my daughter's car. They are called a Vauxhall Corsa in the UK. The Barina XC is the Corsa C; exactly the same vehicle, just different badges. I have been a fully qualified mechanic for 20 years, and these little cars are great.

15th May 2015, 13:11


Thanks so much for clarifying - can you please explain further - I'm having serious problems with the rear passenger floor being soaked in rain. Where is the brake booster & can I fix this myself?

Cheers! Hope.

16th Nov 2016, 07:59

Hi there.

That's fantastic. Mine needs a new timing chain or perhaps just the tensioner as you mention.

I am in Melbourne - whereabouts are you? I am in need of a mechanic to give me a quote for this.

Kind Regards, Ruth.

Please leave a private email if possible.

13th Jun 2017, 08:40

I am wondering if you were able to find a solution to the leak in your Barina, because we have the same problem.

23rd Aug 2018, 08:11

Hi, I have 2 XC Barinas. One has the z14xe belt driven engine, and the other has the z14xep chain driven engine. Can I put the chain driven motor into the belt driven, or do they have different computers?