11th Nov 2011, 00:09

Agreed. My Barina is second hand. It has only done 70,000kms, and I have had nothing but trouble.

Electrics in the dash i.e. all speedos and petrol gauge going to zero while I drive! Very unsafe. Loud clicking/ crunching noise when I turn around corners.

Continuous ticking noise coming from front right tyre.

My car jolts in and out of gear when I drive sometimes, had sparks plug changed, didn't fix it, so not sure what is causing this!

As I write this, my car is currently not starting and I am waiting for the RAA.

Worst buy ever! I kick myself every day for not buying a reliable car!

10th Dec 2012, 04:51

I've had a 2003 Barina 1.4 SXI for nearly four years now with no major issues. In that time it's ticked from 160,000 to over 185,000kms. The only niggle I have is sometimes the intake temp sensor gets itself in a tangle, and the engine won't start straight away when it is warm.

In that time I have also replaced the front sway bar links, steering rack ends, the water pump, cam belt (including tensioner and idler pulleys etc), all brake pads, front brake discs and both mufflers (they all rust out). The radiator has a slow leak that I'll fix one day (I don't go on long trips, so not a major issue yet). I service the car myself (oil, coolant, brake fluid etc) and the things I've had to deal with are pretty much expected given the mileage.

These cars are cheap now for what you get, and they feel much more substantial on the road than similar sized cars (Toyota Vitz, etc) that cost more! I think they are great.

12th May 2015, 07:34

I bought mine in 2003, a 5 door hatch manual, and have done over 245,000 km. Have had some hiccups, but that goes with having a car. The running costs are good, I drive long distance 3 to 4 times a year (1900 km each time), but I average about 150 km a week when driving local. For a small motor and car, I recommend it. And it is 12 years old, the body has a few scratches and dents. The interior is still good.

22nd Nov 2015, 23:05

Thank you for your comments, as I am deciding on buying a new one for $3500.

I so hope I am making the right decision, I know in the "old" Barinas they had a bad reputation. :(