15th Feb 2015, 05:45

Hi, I've got a 96 Barina, and could someone tell me what is it that makes the petrol gauge not work?

21st Feb 2015, 21:45

It's normal. I have the same car.

28th Feb 2015, 02:18

Hi, can anyone give an idea how to install a replacement computer under the right side driver's kick panel... and get it to work? It has the same numbers as the original... it is used, but all it does when reconnected is it starts and a few seconds later stops, as we are told these 97 Barinas don't have a transponder key. What to do next? Maybe a code? If someone has any ideas, that would be great.

Thanks, Mervyn.

6th Mar 2015, 07:22

Can someone tell me where or how to find out how to change the ignition barrel?

16th Mar 2015, 03:27

My 1999 Holden SB Barina turns over, but does not fire. Fuel pump ordered. But the info on the key is needed. Will the engine turnover but not fire if the key does not detect the key transponder?

18th Mar 2015, 21:42

Key transponder question. Yes, the engine will turn over and even the spark plugs will fire, but the fuel pump will not activate if the key transponder is not working. When the ignition is switched on, does the check engine light flash?

16th Jul 2015, 01:02

Your reverse lights are connected to your air bag dash light wires, They're mixed up by sounds of it.

1st Aug 2015, 07:06

Hey man.

My missus's car is having overheating problems and I have done everything but change the thermostat. I was wondering how you did it, as I don't want it costing us an arm and a leg?

2nd Nov 2015, 18:46

Sorry to here about your misfortune, but great to hear your integrity, and old fashioned Australian attitude.

God bless you, Macca.

4th Jan 2016, 09:21

I'm 80 years old. My 1999 Olympic Swing Barina Hatch will not turn over. It has been doing this for a short time, but eventually starts. Now it won't turn over. My husband has dementia so can't help. Should I just join RAC, or buy a battery as a friend suggested - could this be the problem? It has 91k km and has been a great car with very few problems.