27th May 2003, 01:52

As the owner of my second VL Calais I have a great deal respect for the car, as a matter of fact I learnt to drive on one.

I have replaced the Crank angle sensor on my current vehicle and the water pump on both, I have always thought of this as a common problem or maybe its just bad luck.

One point I wish to make is the lack of theft security on these cars. My first car had one owner and was near immaculate, I left it as the general made it and it was taken in broad daylight with apparent ease (I got the shell back).

My current car has three point immobilisation and has already survived one attempt. For your own sake look after your car.

8th Jun 2003, 20:11

I can only echo the comments above re security. My VL was taken from outside the house (second attempt). I had a basic alarm and additional kill switch. I did get the shell back, but at the time I could not afford to rebuild it. Living in a high theft area and not having a garage I didn't replace my baby. The VL was the best Commodore I've driven or had the privilege of owning.

Would you believe my Dad turned up with an '86 Skyline wagon for me (poor handling, but same VL power) about a year later. This engine has done over 200K, blows no smoke and is very smooth. I have to crank it for about 15 seconds longer in winter to start and when cold, I have to warm her up for about 2 minutes otherwise under hard acceleration the car starts to stall and sometimes backfires. Has anyone else experienced this?

The top radiator hose decided to dislodge itself from the top of the radiator yesterday about 3 minutes from home so I've just fixed this and refilled with coolant. Otherwise I have had no trouble from this reliable and fantastic engine.

18th Feb 2004, 04:16

VL 86 SL Sedan 5 spd Manual.

I bought this car when I was 21 (7 years ago now), still goes like a bat out of hell..

Doesn't use oil or blow smoke even after 480000 kms, rocker cover has never even been off the thing! Very reliable.

Advice to anyone getting one. Crank angle sensors can be a pain.

Most I have been in have diff slack.

Most importantly, make sure you are religious about the timing belt. Change it at least every 80,000 kms. If this goes, you WILL bend valves and be up for big bucks!!

Front windscreen seal is a bad design too, traps moisture and rusts.

2nd Apr 2009, 20:08

OK, every one should know buy now when buying a second hand VL Commodore that they should change little things like battery, crank sensor, radiator hoses and thermostat. After that you should maintain your car with regular services at every 5000km for minor and 10000km for major services.

If everyone did that, you should not have expensive problems at all.

But VL Commodores are very good if you maintain and look after them.

9th May 2009, 06:54

I'm 17 now and have had my manual VL Commy for 4 months, it has 210,000 on the clock. I've taken the car on family race meetings at Eastern Creek and Wakefield, and have driven the car on the edge the whole way round.

In the 4 months I've had it, nothing has gone wrong (with the exception of a few melted tyres). I'm just now fitting a new radiator, and I replace the crank angle sensor often, even if it doesn't need it.

The car runs great, and it probably the best first car a young kid can have. Just make sure you have always got some money on the side for it. Otherwise enjoy it.