18th Feb 2006, 07:48

You can't compare a base 3 series bmw to a calais, Drive a base 3 series. it is a totally different class to a calais. the bmw is a better car all together and better built and drives much nicer, But when it comes to affordability well calais for value for money.

15th Mar 2006, 02:25

Can't compare a BMW 3 to a Calais. Different size body, motor, price, etc. I have had a VP VR VT & VX2 Calais all V8s. Currently negotiating a VY2 V8. All second hand within 2-3yrs from new. Only major was A/C for VT $1500.00 which dealer paid otherwise sweet as. Look in car yards what you see more of V8 Calais or BMW 3 series unfortunately its the later, way under the cost of a V8 Calais. V8 Calais rules!!!

14th Apr 2006, 18:59

I am the OP for this review and I can honestly say I don't really care about BMW. For the size and power and the things you get with the Calais that's under $60 grand is a steal. BMW's are nice, but I would have to go 2nd hand to get something similar with similar size and equipment.

I've driven BMW's and they are nice, but not as nice as I have thought. I am very happy with my Calais sure it does not have the status of a BMW and that's fine because I don't want a status of a BMW. I can go out and buy a BMW that's worth over $200,000 but I can't think what for. The 530D is what I am interested, but then again I am more than happy what I currently have and I don't need to buy a badge status like MB or BMW to enjoy what I drive.

26th Apr 2006, 20:35

BMW does have recalls do a search on it.

But who cares if the owner enjoy his Calais then let him/her. I don't even know why people care what people drive or what they want to spend on a car. If someone can afford a BMW they do not have to buy a BMW they can buy what ever they like. The Calais has more than enough electrical equipment for a daily driver and luckily it does not have that I-drive system which is a balls up in BMW's court on making something un userfriendly. Bottom line is that if you can afford to buy a BMW and you don't want a BMW then you don't have to buy a BMW.

Nuff said.

27th Apr 2006, 19:45

Too right, I reckon that most potential BMW drivers with any brains would save the extra money they would have spent buying a beemer and buy a calais instead. Sure they're in a different league, but is it really worth an extra 60 grand?

7th May 2006, 00:39

To save the money on a bmw? and buy a Calais?

That's for people who can't afford them and want a try-hard luxury car. No one can beat the german's For luxury cars. Don't even Compare Holden to Bmw.

13th May 2006, 23:43

I agree with you there, Holden calais I still a nice luxury car for Australia. Good value for money and at a affordable price.

14th May 2006, 18:11

I use to work for a BMW dealership and to be very honest they are nice cars, but they are not all that great. Parts and servicing is a rip off. I have fixed plenty of BMW's that have come off the back of a truck because of electrical problems and mechanical problems. And the previous comment about the I-drive system is true it is a "balls up". I use to love BMW's, but after working with heaps of them for 15 years, I wouldn't want one. And no factory recalls? that's a load of bunk as well BMW has had factory recalls like any other motoring manufacturer.

BMW over priced over hyped and the badge for snobs.

Ex BMW Dealer ship mechanic in Melbourne.

17th May 2006, 19:13

I am the original writer for this review!

Wow I never seen so much hand bang whacking for such a topic!.

I have had no intentions of insulting the BMW brand whatsoever!. I mean most of you act like I have insulted your mother or something.

I bought my Calais for reasons of my own. I do NOT have to justify my purchases to anyone. I bought the Calais without any feeling of guilt at all!.

I've never said the Calais is better than a BMW in quality. I know BMW has outstanding quality. I am happy with my Calais, it has not had many problems at all.

I am happy with my Calais and that's it; I don't need to be told what I should be owning, and I don't have to justify myself about my original review.

18th May 2006, 19:36

I've owned many different cars over many years, including Jags, Benzs and BMWs, and I currently drive an HSV Senator which is of course based on the Calais. It is far and away the best car I've ever had and I really enjoy every moment of driving it. I have had no failures/warranty of any kind in nearly 3 yrs and 37,000km and apart from tyres and fuel there have also not been any expenses. Compared to the horrific cost of BMW servicing it has cost almost nothing, and I would buy another one without any hesitation. However, it's certainly not without its faults, and for example the automatic transmission is very agricultural, I hate the intrusion of the boot hinges into the boot space, and the standard head-lights are very average. But, as I said, I would and will buy another in the next 12-18 months. I also agree that that despite the much higher cost of the BMW or Benz, their extra cost is very hard to justify - unless you are someone who is would rather have their ego massaged by a supposedly prestige badge, but have to drive the poverty-pack version of the car in order to afford to do so. I have a friend who was so impressed with my car that he traded his Lexus IS300 which he bought after an XJS Jag, and has also bought an HSV. Another friend who currently drives a MB CLK 200 Kompressor and an Audi A4 Quattro TT is going to trade the Benz on one also.

So, I agree with the original post that the Calais is a very good car and is exceptional value.

23rd May 2006, 07:56

We all know BMWs are very expensive to service, you pay the extra for a better car. Comments should be regarding the Holden Calais that was reviewed, not bagging out holden and comparing them to other car manufacturers.

I am an owner of a BMW M3 and a Holden Calais, and there is no way I'm going to compare two different class cars. My Holden Calais I bought is a very nice car for its price, it has everything I need in it, to get me around, I was quite surprised how good the car was. What are your opinions on the suspension? Too hard for a luxury car?

23rd May 2006, 08:07

Whats the better thing about the VY Series 2 compared to the Series 1?

Do the Series 1 and 2 have different front and rear tail lights?

27th May 2006, 08:22

Well said. The Calais is a perfectly good car to get around in with all the extras you might need. Buy one instead of a BMW and use that money you saved for house renovations or buying shares... something you might get a return on. Don't forget the rate of depreciation that new Beemers suffer from!!! (a 10 year old BM 7 series from 1996 sold for about $150 000 new- they can be bought now for about $25 000. That is $125 000 lost over 10 years!).