28th May 2006, 07:12

You said about a BMW 7 Series 1996 was $150,000 new, and now it went for $25,000 after 10 years. Compare how much the Holden loses - after 10 years you will be luck to get just over $1000 dollars for the car. If you've got the money, you buy a BMW. You don't see wealthy people buying Holdens for pleasure cars or retirement cars, because they are cheap cars. The Calais may be good for the money, but if I had the money, I would go for a BMW.

28th May 2006, 07:16

Whats the better thing about the VY Series 2 compared to the Series 1?

Does the vy series 2 calais built in 2003 and 2004 have the same exterior lights and look the same??

Can someone help me please?

6th Feb 2007, 03:08

The difference between the series 1 and series 2 is mainly in the exterior. It looks much much better than the series 1. Holden decided to give the calais some character and gave it sports suspension and 17 inch alloys.

31st Aug 2008, 21:03

A Calais VYII V8 would be probably one of the best Holdens you could get. The VY itself was only a minor update underneath from the successful VY/VX range, just mainly a styling update which means it isn't quite as dated. Why fix that isn't broken? This also means it uses a proven chassis and Engine/drivetrain layout (a whole load less things to go wrong).

The VZ had many new innovations and electronics, Holden innovations and electronics can you trust them?? Didn't think so. The VYII of course in turn would be even more refined then Series I with some new updates without also playing around too much with what can go wrong.

The VYII Calais of course has the middle FE1.5 suspension that seems like a good compromise between the ride of standard spec and sportiness of FE2. Also, I have read reviews before that suggest that a V8 works better with the old-school 4 speed auto and gear hunting I suppose would be less likely to occur as the torque would be there more often in a V8 when climbing hills etc.

Of course the big point is that Holdens are of course made here with a wide dealer network, not to mention no doubt plenty of familiarity among independent mechanics. It should not be taken for granted that all dealers/mechanics will be 100% co-operative no matter what car you have or you'll sue them. Fact of matter is simple/proven is best. Also of course it's best to drive sensibly and not allow things to wear too fast.

16th May 2015, 10:57

What is the towing capacity of the V8 model?