1995 Holden Calibra 2.5 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Good looking, fun to drive, but unreliable


Every few weeks, it would go into limp home mode with the engine management, crawl along at about 20kmh, then come good.

Power steering had to be overhauled at 65000ks.

Front discs worn out at 61000ks.

Regular blows bulbs in the brake light on the hatch lid.

Gas struts worn out on the rear hatch at 64000ks.

Driver's door would lock itself if shut too hard.

General Comments:

Did all the right things, bought a low kilometre V6 Calibra with full Holden dealership service history prior to me buying it. And then had a lot of problems and expense, which you would not expect on a 60000ks car.

Loved the look of the car, and was comfortable and had lots of features.

A good looking car, let down by cheap components and poor build quality.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2011

7th Feb 2011, 21:34

"Did all the right things" and then bought a Holden - that's an oxymoron!

8th Mar 2011, 20:59

In reply to the last comment, it's after you know it all that counts.

1995 Holden Calibra ye 2.0 litre from Australia and New Zealand


Lovely looking, expensive to fix


When you start the car it backfires through the air filter.

Under load there is a large flat spot.

Engine management light always on.

General Comments:

I love the look of these cars however they are so difficult to fix.

Its had a new computer, new crank sensor, new cam angle sensor, new plugs, new leads.

And still this problem will not go away.

Any ideas extremely welcome!!!

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Review Date: 16th March, 2006

6th Jun 2006, 06:10

In response to the engine light staying on in your calibra. Maybe you could ask your mechanic if they can look for a possible vacuum leak in the induction system. For example blown inlet manifold gasket or split vacuum hose or hose off.

2nd Jun 2008, 07:34

My Calibra battery light comes on sometimes when I have my head lights on, and the engine light flashes when I turn corners. Does anyone know what this means, and it's playing up really bad if I drive over 80 km/h; it starts shaking and vibrates.

1995 Holden Calibra YE V6 2.5 from Australia and New Zealand


Don't buy one unless you love repair shops


The amount of problems I had this car was ridiculous, all in all it cost me 7000 to repair and get it to a roadworthy level.

Most of these problems were present when I bought the car, but I was naive and this was my first car, so somehow I didn't notice. Head cylinder was dodgy, many sensors were dodgy, windows didn't work usually, the auto was very jerky, really bad oil leaks, fuel lines replaces, I can't remember most of the problems, but there was a LOT.

General Comments:

Buying this as my first car was THE WORST decision I have EVER made, it was a car from hell, I had it for about 1 year and the problems just piled up and up and up. The only thing good about this car was that it looked very nice. Most of them handle very well at high speeds, but myne couldnt even get to high speeds as there was one problem causing it to have low power. Stuff happened that is just laughable with this car like, I took it to buy a TV once and the boot broke so I couldnt put the TV in the boot, it just fitted on the seat after much trying to fit it.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2006

1995 Holden Calibra ye 2.5 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


V6 power, only 1.4 tones, small car sporty, to much fun, but with very high cost


New disk brakes at 121,000.

Engine warning light on once hot all the time;cannot find the problem.

The boot makes nose when driving on bumpy roads.

General Comments:

Drives like a dream. In third,60km/h at 2000rpm, then still in third 140km/h at 4500rpm and still 2 to go.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2006

1995 Holden Calibra YE 2.5 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Looks good, runs great, and is a lot of fun to drive!


Water pump needed replacing at around 75000 kilometres.

"Traction Control Disabled" warning light sometimes illuminates automatically and for no apparent reason, like reversing out of my driveway, Traction Control can only be re-set by turning off the ignition power.

General Comments:

The Calibra V6 is absolutely unreal, I love this car!

Although it's not exactly a "sports car" it's fairly quick off the mark, and at speeds over 120km/h, hugs the road well.

Suspension and handling is more for comfort than performance, but twisting mountain roads are welcomed with enthusiasm, and the Calibra handles them predictably, as long as it's not driven too hard.

The fuel economy is excellent, and even with frequent city driving, an average fuel consumption of less than 9 litres per 100 kilometres can be achieved. On the highway, a tank of fuel can last well over 750 kilometres.

Noise levels inside are low, and the cabin seals extremely well. The layout of the cockpit is good, however not all of the air-conditioning controls are illuminated and this can become a hassle at night.

The Calibra is a real head-turner, even in stock standard fit-out, and on almost every drive someone takes a second look.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2002

9th Dec 2007, 03:04

I purchased a Calibra V6 auto, low km, 1996, and I find it a great car. I am very lucky to repair cars myself, so I don't get ripped off by mechanics who slug a lot. I think that if you look after the car and service it regularly, it will last. Any car can be a lemon if you don't treat it right.

26th Sep 2016, 04:14

I own a 1996 V6 EcoTec Calibra now with 200,000 km on the clock, and it's still faultless to drive. The only problem is having to go to the passenger side to unlock and lock the car, and occasionally a window sensor plays up. I manage to get more than 800 km to tank on the highway, and power at 100 when overtaking is unbelievable in 5th gear.