28th Jan 2002, 17:13

I have two hundred and sixty five thousand kilometres on my JE.

Changed the computer at 195,000km (traced to a loose spark plug), uses no oil, gives approximately 32mpg or 8.5l/100km around town.

Apart from that, standard maintenance required only.

18th Jun 2002, 21:19

I have just got my P's and my first car is a Camira Sl 2.0 Station wagon and I think it is a really useful and reliable car to drive. It has done 197000 k's so far and the only problems that have occurred are the broken fuel pump and faded paint due to poor maintenance by a previous owner. I have done 6000 k's in 6 months of ownership and praise its reliability. The 2.0 engine has heaps of power and is more than enough to dismiss most Standard Commodores and other similar cars at the lights. It is a fantastic affordable first car and I don't know why most people bag them out as they are great. (the cheap purchase price makes them even better value as mine only cost $600 and has air-con and power steering. Overall there great!

9th Sep 2002, 13:58

I bought my Camira off a friend 3 months ago, I've since done 1500kms in it, It's got plenty of go, as per the previous comment and aside from the fact it hasn't got power steering, (i since found a place that can get me a p/steer rack, pump and paraphenalia for $220AU) It's a great car.

Problems: The paintwork is faded badly, might fix that soon. I could only take the stock radio for 2 weeks before swapping it for something more suitable, but that's just me. The steel water tube behind the engine gave out last month to rust (this is a long term fault, not something happening overnight). Now the transmission is leaking a little, bu I can top it up fortnightly. There is minor surface rust spots on the rear passenger door and on the roof where at some point it had a set of racks.

Spares are dirt cheap. Overall I am thrilled with the purchase. Past and due repairs are cheap as chips.

20th Sep 2010, 00:48

The most under rated car that has ever been made in Australia. Have owned Camiras for 18 years. All in all, they have been fantastic vehicles. They have some design flaws, but are robust and with maintenance by the right people (who actually give a damn) will see these cars on the road for many years to come. I have never regretted buying my first Camira and am still enjoying driving one today. I have owned Calais Turbo, Brock Commodores and various other "Name Brand" cars. Camiras are great value and good to drive. As with anything you own, if you look after it, it will look after you.

Keep on Camira -ing!