1982 Holden Commodore VH 3.3 blue from Australia and New Zealand


A low quality rust bucket



Carburator - a few times.

Starter motor - once.

Transmission - once.

Brake booster - twice.

Master cylinder - once.

Gaskets - ALL THE TIME.

Distributor - once - nylon cogs.


General Comments:

This started out as a really nice car. Then after about 2 weeks, each part systematically broke down on me. Everything about it is inconvienient and of such low quality I can't believe.

The Holley carbie helped, but then everything else packed it in.

The interior is nice, but it cracks.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2001

1982 Holden Commodore SL 3.3 from Australia and New Zealand


Very good bargain


Distributer cap.

Ignition switch.

Indicator multi switch.

Oil leak from seal in the transmission.

Sump leak.

Steering rack.


Rocker bolts.

Timing case leak.

Vara jet carby problems with the butterfly opening and closing.

General Comments:

This is my first car, I bought it for $600, very straight nice paint job, only rust was on the driver's side rear quarter panel. It's not registered yet, but it should be very soon I hope. All I've spent to get it up to roadworthy condition so far is $350, and all I need is a new indicator multi switch and a tail pipe for my muffler, inspection plate put back on and a leak from the timing case to be sealed.

I love my VH SL Commodore, she smokes up very well. :)

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2001

1982 Holden Commodore SL/E 253 V8 from Australia and New Zealand


A real bargain for the price


Broken engine mounts.

Blew a timing cover gasket.

Water ports in the timing cover corroded.

Brake fluid reservoir leaks.

Transmission leaks fluid.

Engine leaks oil from the rocker covers and the rear main oil seal.

Power steering leaks.

Seized power antenna.

Power windows seized up.

Driver's door wouldn't open from the outside.

General Comments:

The car body is in very good condition and the interior is immaculate seeing I paid $1000 for the car unlicensed.

Although there were a few problems, most were fixed cheaply.

The car is really fun and comfortable to drive, and slides wickedly in the wet or dry.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2001

21st Jun 2001, 19:30

I know how you feel when the car slides in the WET and dry...

I've got an SL/E look-alike and I have similar problems!!

12th Jun 2003, 06:44

SLE's are the best I got a semi work v8 vh it spins the 235 rear wheels off the line for a good 25m. mad fun.

1982 Holden Commodore VH SL/E 4.2L V8 from Australia and New Zealand


For 4.5 grand, it's an exceptional buy


Starter motor.

Gas converter.

Brake servo unit.

General Comments:

Its performance is excellent at the top end. Will outrun most 4 cylinder turbos and some sixes easily. This car boots on gas. Hammers on fuel.

Blue over grey duco looks very impressive.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2001

1982 Holden Commodore SL 2.85 from Australia and New Zealand


A piece of rubbish


Sump gasket.

Rocker cover gasket.


Starter motor.

Just basically crap.

General Comments:

These cars are crap and I would rather have had a Nissan.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2001

1982 Holden Commodore SL/E 5.0L 308 V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Chews up tyres. Chews up petrol. Generates speeding tickets. Excellent car!


Previous owner neglected it, has been left out in the sun. All the leather seats have began to crack and fray.

Originally manual, has been changed to automatic. Cooling system for the transmission has been left out. Skips to neutral for a split second whilst changing gears when hot.

A bit of a slug when in drive, but when peaked through the gears it flies.

Guzzles petrol.

Requires a tune/service.

Wheel alignment needed.

Bar which holds the diff and axles centre at the back has torn from the body (Most Falcons have 2, these have 1).

Almost could be too low, bottoms out at the front every now and again, and also over speed humps.

Floor/boot carpet tearing up here and there.

Centre console starting to deteriorate from heat off the gear box (indicated in second problem).

Steering wheel squeaks and rubs, making it slightly harder to steer (still has power steering!).

Electric arial packed up!

Front electric windows buggered, have been converted to window winders. Back left window very stiff and tired, sometimes requires a bit of help!

Flat spot in the carby.

Differential problems, now will only spin 1 wheel (back right) at all times. Kind of good that you can't lose it anymore, and lays rubber very easy.

General Comments:

Sounds great.

Doesn't miss a beat, very beefy.

Choose over a 253 any day.

Although the seats are worn a bit, it is still very comfortable.

Still a luxury liner on the road today, 18 years after its debut.

Red/maroon coloured interior/door linings all excellent, add that classy touch.

Has a cam.

Two town maroon on silver, still a head turner. Two tone seems to change the way the car looks compared to the old 1 coloured Commodores.

I'll re-velour the seats from the leather joins, making the backs leather and the fronts cloth-type, making it look like it was meant to be.

With the old three speed tri-matic auto, this thing will get up to 100kmh in 1st gear, imagine that off the lights when someone wants to get smart!!

If someone does a burn-out, I guarantee this will do a better one if they challenge you.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2001

12th Jun 2003, 06:50

Well you are right about them being beefy, but my 253 pulls 274.1hp at the wheels, so don't dismiss them too quickly. And it spins the 235 rear tyres and generates a lot of smoke quickly.

Feel free to write me a line at ihatejake@www.com.

1982 Holden Commodore Vacationer 3.3L straight six from Australia and New Zealand


Find one in good nick and you'll love it!


Harmonic balancer went.

Distributor died over a couple of months. First noticed when a large lack of power suddenly appeared.

Air con stopped working 6 months before it was disposed.

Odometer stopped working. Would only register about 1 in 15 km's.

Poor fuel economy especially if driven hard.

Rust in the bottom of the doors.

Tappets were worn at the end of its life.

Steering rack worked its way loose and needed to be replaced.

General Comments:

Interior stood the test of time.

Kept going and going.

Fairly decent performance for it's age.

Kept going for ages, only had three services and was still going well hen traded in.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2001

23rd Aug 2001, 05:35

I bought mine for $2500 from a dodgy car yard. I was going to turf it, but it's quite lovable. I've spent $1900 on the engine and radiator, $1200 on suspension, $600 on the brakes and master cylinder, and it still needs bits

It has quite a bit of groovy chrome!