1986 Holden Commodore VK 1/2 Berlina 3.3 litre from Australia and New Zealand


Very comfortable cruiser


Light-switch burnout.

Tie-rod end.

Harmonic balancer.

Oxidised paint on the roof.


All other repairs were voluntary - headers, exhaust, tyres, K&N filter...

General Comments:

I bought this car solely on reputation, and it has lived up to my expectations well. Very easy to drive, good handling, performance is good considering the automatic gearbox, and economy is not too bad, considering the age, the auto, and the motor size, as long as the foot on the gas pedal is light!

The only downside I would have to say is that it needs a gear between second and third - sometimes second works too hard, and third just lacks a bit of oomph. I would be interested to see this setup in its 5 speed manual guise, but the short first gear on the manual is a bit concerning.

Very strong motor though, and I would have to agree with the other VK1/2 report's comments re the torque at low revs - a great workhorse!

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Review Date: 5th January, 2001

13th Jun 2002, 09:39

I've got a Vl auto, and would agree that it does lack some oomph between the second and third gears. One way to resolve this would be either getting a torque converter installed, which rides it like a manual so you can change when you want... Having something installed like a POD filter will help the power in the gears as well... and compliment the torque converter... This would set you back however around $600 for a medium RPM converter.

1986 Holden Commodore VL SL 3.0 litre 6 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


A good, solid street car


Crank angle sensor and the air flow meter will need replacing soon, and the radiator.

General Comments:

I love my VL Commodore and I'll never sell it, it does have a few faults but I'm very happy with the car considering its age and mileage.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2000

7th Jan 2001, 04:12

I just like to comment on the guy who's airflow meter is on the way out.... the one in my 87 VL 6 cylinder was faulty and the car was running really rough, and the guys who serviced it didn't pick it up and adjusted the mixture incorrectly. As a result, it burnt out the O2 sensor, catalytic converter and a few other things.

Ended up costing a substantial amount of their money to fix..... apart from that the car is unreal and the chicks dig it for some reason as well.

Have had the car since the end of 1998 as a first car, it has done 155000km and still runs like a dream... Never has it ever broken down on me and it never runs hot even with the A.C.


Performance 6/10

Overall Appearance 10/10

19th Mar 2005, 23:21

My car is a 1986 VL Commodore. It has the 3.0ltr six engine with a 5 speed box. The crank angle sensor is stuffed, but the car goes good for it's age with heaps of torque and the interior is mint.

1986 Holden Commodore VL 3.0L turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Just got to get one



General Comments:

This one has a TO4 42mm wastegate, a big intercooler and 25psi - it's a jet.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2000

1986 Holden Commodore VL 3.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Buy one, you won't regret it


Crank angle sensor.

Primer pump inside the fuel tank.

General Comments:

All round good car, bit slow on take off, but when it hits 60 it starts to really hammer.

Looks good with a nice set of wheels.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2000

1986 Holden Commodore VL Exec 3.0L from Australia and New Zealand


The best Commodore ever produced!!!!!!


Head replaced before I purchased the car at 115,000km.

Replaced both crank angle and air flow meter sensors at 130,000km.

New transmission at 175,000km

Timing belt replaced at 253,000km.

Head gasket and clutch fan replaced at 278,000km.

Power steering rack & pump replaced at 285,000km.

General Comments:

Car runs exceptionally well, always has. Engine is as smooth as it was when I bought it. Quiet also.

Although people have remarked at how great the power is, I have always found that mine was a bit sluggish. Have just had a 2.5" sports exhaust fitted and it has made a huge difference to the power and fuel economy. Sounds great also! A top investment. The VL's standard system just doesn't let it breathe enough. If you have the dollars (around $400) then fit a new exhaust system.

I loved the car when I saw it and I still do, it's comfortable and the interior is superior.

It has had its faults but they are problems that every person I know with a VL has had also. You get them with all Holdens, but if you want reliability then look no further than this. This is the pick of the bunch. 285000km is proof. And she still looks great!!

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Review Date: 7th December, 2000

3rd Jan 2001, 00:09

I keep hearing from VL enthusiasts that fuel economy is better with a larger or sports exhaust.

This does not tally with the advice I get from engine builders/tuners, that general economy and tractability will suffer when extractors or a free flow exhaust is fitted.

I would like to know the real story, as my exhaust is up for renewal soon, and I might be able to sneak a sports exhaust past my funds manager, who does not see the value in making the VL go better (faster).

The truth is somewhere out there!!