9th Jan 2001, 02:56

I have had a stock exhaust on the car right up until 285,000km. The car was very sluggish and I found that it wasn't great on fuel, even on long trips.

I had to replace the exhaust, and my mechanic agreed when I suggested a 2.5" system. I was worried at first about noise, but went ahead with it. Well, the difference has been astounding. The car runs better, breathes better and the performance increase is very noticeable. I just did a 600km trip on one tank of fuel, something it has never done before. I didn't have extractors fitted as my mechanic said it wasn't really necessary. The cost is just too much.

But I can honestly say that if you are about to put an exhaust on anyway, go for the 2.5 or the 2 1/4 at least. You will notice the difference, it's really worth every cent. Costs probably about $150 more to do it.


21st Jan 2001, 06:26

I had stock exhaust on, I found the car to be very sluggish at times. I spent $800 on a 2.5 exhaust and extracters, also I put a Hi-Flow filter ($115) and you can really notice the extra power to the wheels.

If you also have the money, a chip and cam is a must!!!! I have blown late model Commodores by doing these things.

19th Feb 2001, 04:50

I added a 2.5" exhaust, Gennie extractors, K&N hi-flow filter and a Powerchip {silver} to my 3.0 VL auto, and it is the best investment ever! The car is much more economical, and the power increase is beyond compare. I want to know whether fitting a quick-shift gearbox is going to be worth it?

The Nissan 6 is definitely GM's best choice so far.

11th Jun 2002, 20:10

You write that your VL is a bit sluggish. VLs can be real dogs if the get out of tune so I would tell you to play with some settings you be surprised the power you might find.