1988 Holden Commodore VL sl rb30 from Australia and New Zealand


A great all round car


All the door handles and windows had to be adjusted.

Had to get a new fuel pump, oil filter, bonnet cable as it would not pop, new accelerator cable it started to brake, new light bulbs and new brakes.

Had to change all the locks as it had three keys for the hole car.

General Comments:

The car has a really tidy inside.

It has just been painted nice red pant job.

Has a nice set of R.O.H mags.

Stereo system that has ken wood head deck, ken wood 6 by 9's in back running off a 1000 watts boss amp, ken wood 6 inch in front and rear doors and also 4 inch ken wood speakers in the dash. Thinking of getting a sub soon.

The next things that I am hoping to get are a 5 inch monster taco with shift light, and turbo charge the engine and maybe a body kit.

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Review Date: 16th May, 2004

1988 Holden Commodore VL Executive 3.0L inline-6 from Australia and New Zealand


Quick for a non-turbo VL, never to be underestimated!!!


Some idiots broke into it a week after I got it and tried to steal it, they ripped the ignition barrel out the steering column, cost $220AUS to replace.

Engine shut off all of a sudden one night and couldn't get it started, a disconnected wire to the fuel pump was the problem.

Brake pads and tyres will be replaced soon.

Had to replace a few light bulbs.

Fuel gauge keeps failing and the odometer is stuffed.

General Comments:

This is an excellent first car and it has street cred.

It is very quick for a non turbo six.

But be careful in the wet though, as this car can easily step out of line.

Seats are very comfortable, but the dashboard has flimsy plastic and the standard instrument cluster is rather boring, but I eventually hope to replace that with Berlina instruments.

The 4-speed auto is a very solid unit, but I also hope to change it over to a Manual as I get bored with automatics.

Overall, This is a good buy for $1900AUS considering it has working air-conditioning and power steering, the only thing I don't like about it is the fuel economy.

I have plenty of plans for this car including installing a decent sound system and perhaps adding some Calais options.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2004

1988 Holden Commodore SL with extra's 3lt Nissan RB30 from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent, cheap to run workhorse - powerhouse with heaps of longevity


Failed bearing in gearbox, required total rebuild.

Rust under front windscreen, beneath rubber seal in boot and also on floor of boot.

Replace hydraulic lifters once and rectified similar fault 18 months later by adding an oil cleaner prior to oil change.

Odometer stopped working at 115,000 until I replaced it with a Berlina dash.

Air conditioning fan switch faulty. Requires "fiddling around" to get working in high speed only.

General Comments:

Although these cars are renowned for cracked heads and continual crank angle sensor problems, I am yet to experience any of these faults. The car is relatively quick and surprisingly very fuel efficient, approx 11.5 litres per 100km around the city.

Have found that the car is very receptable to the use of high octane premium unleaded fuel. (98 Octane) Not so much in increased output, but in mileage. Approximately an extra 150km per tank. (65 litre). My best mileage to date is 700km+ coming back to Adelaide from Melbourne. Average speed 140km.

Although I don't have power steering, I find the car easy to drive very maneuverable and thus easy to park. The seats could be more comfortable though, but I'm working on that.

My only complaint stems from the brittle nature of the plastic used in the dash and the scuff plates beneath the doors. Also the drain holes underneath the front window are set to high to remove all the water that penetrates below the seals causing the rust problems.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2004