1990 Holden Commodore VN 3.8 cc from Australia and New Zealand


A good all round performer


Fuel pump died at about 170000 kms.

Snapped crankshaft at 180000kms, cruising above the legal speed limit. One engine later...

Exterior trim has started to detach in places; door rubbers are stuffed; the boot leaks like a sieve, and there's an annoying leak behind the dash somewhere.

The fan stopped working on 1 and 2.

Rear diff required replacing (220000 kms) after extreme vibration and grinding sound. Not cheap.

And the fuel pump went again just recently (220000 kms ish)

Power steering is getting _very_ noisy, and I expect that will be the next thing to go.

General Comments:

Overall, the car has performed well, although it is now starting to show its age.

I've attributed most of the required repairs to my driving style - I'm not very nice to my cars. Although the commodore has stood up to my abuse a lot better than others.

I think that the car is a pretty solid performer - it will happily unstick the rear wheels if you let it :)

It can be quite good at catching you unawares until you get used to it.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2002

1990 Holden Commodore Berlina 5.0L from Australia and New Zealand


A real expensive car to run and repair


The transmission blew traveling along the freeway with the cruise control on.

It overheats all the time.

It rattles and squeaks like nothing else.

Don`t ever buy a lowered one.

Seat mounts break easy.

General Comments:

Very powerful, but the power obviously takes its toll on the driveline.

17" wheels cause the car to track all over the road.

Looks real tough though!

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Review Date: 6th June, 2002

24th Aug 2003, 03:53

When you mentioned about the vehicle squeaking and rattling, did you ever think about the fact that the car had done 220,000k's when you purchased it? You can't exactly expect it to be like a new car can you?

1990 Holden Commodore VN S V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Coil pack failed at 80,000km.

Transmission blew at 90,000km $2000.00 with 3yr warranty to repair.

Replaced Radiator, Bypassed overflow tank.

Replaced Fuel Pump.

Front Wheel bearings - vibration detected - Tyre unbalance was later found to be the cause of the vibration.

Replaced Water pump.

Centre Uni joint - Replaced.

Coil Pack failed again, replaced with VP update kit.

Window/Door Rubbers are loose.

Boot spring snapped.

General Comments:

This Car is reliable and comfortable, but has needed regular maintenance.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2002

26th Feb 2003, 03:51

How much did the fuel pump cost to fix? or replace?

1990 Holden Commodore Executive 3.8 V6. from Australia and New Zealand


A good, honest, all round servicable vehicle


Fuel pump stopped working at an early stage. This was replaced and has been trouble free since.

General Comments:

This car has been a pleasure to own and drive, it has served our family well over 11 years.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2001

1990 Holden Commodore VN 3.8 litre V6 from Australia and New Zealand


All go and no wow


Brakes are a big problem. Even with 150 dollar performance pads they do not stop the car at all. As soon as they heat up they are useless.

Air conditioning renewed (also leaked in the car).

Door rubbers fell off, new ones needed, water got into the car. Rubbers in the boot also came out.

Badly designed and produced interior, plastics make a noise when driving, along with the doors sticking and not opening.

Tie rod end snapped, almost killed me as I lost control and the car ended up off the road, the wheel was also damaged. The part was only replaced one week before, all Holden parts.

Very hard ride when lowered 2 1/2 inches, even bouncy, be ready to bounce off pot holes and smash rims if you do lower the car. And also bottoming out. Tyres last about 10 000 kilometres unless a caver kit is installed for the front end. Ball joints also don't last long.

Steering rack, pump and all the other parts renewed. Timing chain costly, also renewed.

So many parts replaced I might as well have built a new car. The list is too long.

General Comments:

The motor is as strong as, it never stops even when under heavy load.

With a 2 1/2 sports system (hi flow cat) and pod filter (cold air induction) it screams. I have been told it sounds like a V8 when giving it full throttle as the pod filter opens the sound.

Good for the young, but can be a bit of a handful as it has the power to get to speed, but the brakes just don't wipe it off.

Very good car for burn-outs as the motor can last an extremely long time before it heats up. Low end power lets the motor do the work without over revving.

With tinted windows, body kit, lowered, and a set of rims, it is an OK car.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2001

5th Oct 2007, 06:43

If you had a tie rod fail one week after replacing, your mechanic has buggered something up big time. Also, if you lower a VN 2.5" with 200K on the clock, you should expect it to handle like a pig.