1990 Holden Commodore VN 3.8Ltr V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Very Good Performance plus Economy


Radiator had cracked and had to be replaced and the power steering leaks and is getting fixed currently.

Other than that it has been running good.

General Comments:

Very nice first car goes great, but can get a little interesting in the wet.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2003

7th Dec 2004, 01:18

Just wondering, how much was the radiator to repair? did you have any problems with your Rubber seals on the doors and stuff. Thanks.

1st May 2005, 22:14

I just bought a VN at the start of 2005. the door seal on the drivers side was coming off so I bought some glue and stuck it back on.

I get an average of 16L/100Km petrol wise.

At the moment it won't start, and I can't open the bonnet no matter what I do.

1990 Holden Commodore S Pack 3.8L V6 engine from Australia and New Zealand


An ideal performer for a P plater


Rubber seals around the doors have come loose.

Paint has begun to chip on the roof at the rear causing a little rust, too easy to get fixed!

Rocket gasket cover leaked, cost $20 to replace.

Back brake light works on and off, but easily fixed as it was just loose wiring.

General Comments:

This car performs wonderfully, it runs real smooth! It has dragged of a few nice VP's in it's time with me.

The interior has stayed intact. It hasn't faded and is a very comfortable car to drive in.

It likes the wet too much making it easy to lose control of in the wet.

It has been a great first car for a P plater like myself wanting the smooth looks and performance.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2003

1990 Holden Commodore VN station wagon 3.8 Litre from Australia and New Zealand


A car with lots of grunt


Engine leaks oil from main seals. Started happening within 2 year of having the car. Had it fixed didn't show up again until 8 years later. Repairers say it can't be fixed without the engine been replaced. Due to plastic corrosive seals standard.

Rubber seals coming off doors.

Rust on roof top.

Radiator died twice.

Rattle in tail gate until someone re ended us and fixed the problem with tail gate been replaced.

Over heats extremely quick.

Radiator hose leaks water.

One of the cylinders died, costly to replace.

Interior ceiling furnishings are coming loose.

Wheel alignment problems from 2nd year of owning it.

Was garaged for 10 years. Last 2 years the roof became rusted from been outside.

Seat belt bolt broke.

Wipers go wild on fastest setting. Due to this one of the bolts cracked the surrounding plastic which needed to be replaced.

Computer died. Expensive to replace.

General Comments:

Goes well from stop to start.

Dies in second to third gear for auto.

Handles like its on ice in the wet.

Beats most things around its age.

Since it's a station wagon it is really good for camping, packs heaps into it's boot.

Good for carting lots of people at once.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2003

22nd Aug 2004, 20:47

It probably overheats due to the fact that it leaks coolant. Fix the problem before you bag out commodores.

24th May 2007, 20:59

I agree fully with these faults I have a 1990 vn wagon auto and it eats ass. the door seals and roof are screwed and it dies in 2nd to 3rd and is a bucket of poo. I strongly recomend not getting a vn wagon as they suck.

1990 Holden Commodore VN 3.8L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A highway cruiser


Roof lining sags.

Oil leak at the back of the tappet cover.

Break master cylinder went.

Door seals come unstuck.

Annoying rattle in the dash.

General Comments:

The car is a good reliable car, but for me lacks in performance after 1st gear. The commodore is great of the mark, but after it hits second gear its got nuthing till late in the gear.

I have lowered using king springs so it handles a lot better now and has a lot less body roll.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2002

1990 Holden Commodore VN 3.8 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


A high performance car


Fuel pump stop working, hood lining was falling down, paint work faded, door seals falling off.

General Comments:

Does very good burnouts, very fast and comfortable, handles very well. Sounds sweet with a 21/2 inch pipe.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2002