5th Oct 2007, 21:36

Hey I do agree that the VN's have their problems, but most are cosmetic and don't take much to replace.

To me the autos aren't that good, but I have a manual with heavy duty clutch and full exhaust set up with (LSD) and it goes hard for its age. My mate's got a 1995 VS Commodore Acclaim and my car eats it for breakfast. And for the price you pay for them these days, they're just good if people like having a bit of fun.

29th Oct 2007, 21:24

Did all holden station wagens come in manual?

And are they hard to find?

19th Mar 2009, 08:15

I stumbled across this forum wondering if the incredibly bad road handling on my 1990 VN is a common feature. Looks like it is. I bought it two years ago and it's been nothing but trouble. Funny how so many issues I've had have already been mentioned.

Major oil leaks, ceiling fabric is held in with drawing pins, tail light needed to be replaced, cabin lights not working, rear window washer not working, front window washer pump leaking, power steering pump leaking, suspect leak of transmission fluid, split hoses, major coolant problems (seems to be very common in this model), speedo busted, petrol gauge sticks, blows fuses...

I obviously bought a lemon and would not buy Holden again, but, live and learn...

Fixed most of the stuff above but really wrestling with road handling issue. Feels like driving on ice even in the dry. Any wind or bumps and I'm all over the place. Have already put on new tires and replaced panhard rod but no joy.

Now I'm taking it to the garage AGAIN to get them to check it out, again...

I bought the car for camping trips because the space is great but I have to say the journeys are not fun.

30th Jul 2009, 06:19

Go the wagon I say. Super reliable, driven hard as for 4 years now by me and I know the previous owner was thrashing it a bit too.

The roof was an easyish job, just slide it out the wagon door and realign with plenty of glue.

I got a manual, which is the go to for durability and fun, but the autos are everywhere and cheap to buy too.

The worst thing is the rear door bumping around. I reckon 4 1500 bucks it has lasted well, including drive from Cairns to Melbourne and back.

Good cars, and you can sleep in it too.