1993 Holden Commodore VP 3.8 litre V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Drag track giant killer!


Power steering line is faulty and leaks a very small amount of fluid, when stationary over night.

Glove box does not operate correctly, and needs simple repairs.

General Comments:

The car has been put through its paces since I have gained ownership, and I have made some observations:

The car is very responsive, and creates an incredible amount of torque.

The standard car runs a 15.1 - 15.6 quarter mile, and with enough willing, can race off Skylines and other well known performance cars.

The standard brakes are often smoked because of the amount of power the car creates over short distances. This can be solved by replacing the standard brakes with performance brakes.

My VP runs 11.8secs over the quarter mile (400m); admittedly I have done mine up a lot. This performance version of the car easily outruns most high performance cars. eg. Skyline, WRX, RX7, etc...etc..

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Review Date: 21st August, 2002

26th Oct 2006, 02:54


1993 Holden Commodore VR 3.8L V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Once the problems are sorted out, it's an excellent car


The water pump failed and needed to be replaced.

The crank-angle sensor needed to be replaced.

The power steering pump was leaking fairly badly and needed to be replaced.

Oil leaks from the sump or rear main seal, but is not bad enough for me to have to worry about it.

Water was getting into the boot lid, but was easily fixed by applying a coat of silicone to the rear light seals.

Air conditioning not functioning, needs a re-gas.

Sometimes stalls when backing out in reverse.

General Comments:

Despite all the problems I've had I'm happy with the car.

It's got high kilometres, but the oil colour has remained clear since it was changed 4000 KS ago and general consumption despite leak has been fine.

The power is excellent when you put your foot down and comes on strong and hard because of the V6's inherent low- rev torque nature.

I'm a big guy and there's plenty of room for me to stretch my legs, and side room is also good, in my last car which was a magna I was really bunched up especially next to the door.

The temperature since fixing the water pump is always very low, even on hotter days and has no overheating problems whatsoever.

General fuel consumption is around the average of 12L/100km in the city, but can go up substantially when driven with a lead foot.

General handling is good, but does suffer from understeer when pushed hard into corners.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2002

24th Jul 2002, 00:11

Sounds like a typical VR.

Problems with my VR have included:

- Power steering leaks - rebuilt for $50.

- HT leads don't last long, misfiring.

- Rear main oil seal leaks.

- Smoke on starting, probably need new valve guides.

What I don't like:

- The auto transmission gearing is terrible. 1st is low, second is too high, 4th is unnecessary for city driving.

- Brake feel is a bit spongy, but they bite OK.

- Clunky drive train.

What I do like:

- Good performance, good low down torque and overtaking performance.

- Cheap to fix when you avoid dealers.

- Reliable.

As a cheap, large family car it is hard to fault.

11th Jul 2003, 18:12

Vr commordore executive wagon bought with 147,000 ks on the clock and it seems the power steering leak was typical, fixed while still under 3-month warranty.

Has run well for 20,000 ks since and performs well, but a recent visit to the dealer ended up with a report that the main oil seal is leaking. This doesn't immediately need doing, but when it does it's an 'engine out' job and the quote is 'no change out of $1700'! If anyone has any comments on this it would be appreciated.


16th Apr 2010, 08:13

I don`t know why people love their VR/VS Commodores so much and keep fixing all the minute parts on them, because if you bought or drove a VT/VX or above you would drop these old examples (nice face, ugly ass) Commodores in the bush to rot.

4th Jul 2011, 16:20

I'm dealing with the same thing. A second hand engine only costs 550 and 600 to get put in.

1993 Holden Commodore VP Berlina V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Unrivaled power and comfort


Rocker cover seals leaked.

Power steering is currently leaking badly.

Transmission delays shifting up gears.

Suspension/shocks were dead.

Water pump was replaced by the previous owner.

Interior/exterior is IMMACULATE!

General Comments:

My first V8. Goes like a dream, but is under powered due to its high mileage.

The suspension was replaced with stiffer, lower springs and shocks, and now handles better than when originally new.

I was lucky that all the electrics were working.

I haven't bothered to fix the power-steering fluid leak yet. I just check the levels every month or two.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2001