1995 Holden Commodore VR 3.8L V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent wagon, best car I have ever owned!


First muffler join rusted out, so had to replace that section.

Small radiator leak, caused by a flicked stone.

A/C compressor would only work if I flicked it with my finger. After a few flicks, it started to work perfectly, and came on with the button, so no more flicking..

General Comments:

Best car I have ever owned, very smooth to drive, it had a lot of KM on it, but started and ran like it was brand new. Fuel economy doubled when I serviced it with Gulf Western Oil, so that was all I ever used in it.

Had to replace brake pads once, it didn't chew the tyres out, and I got a lot of comments on its appearance inside and out, as I always kept it spotless and didn't boganise it.

Interior was comfortable, and when the back seat was laid down, it had HEAPS of room. We took it camping a lot.

Was good on fuel, as long as you didn't drive like an idiot.

Would buy one of these again without a worry. As long as it's been looked after and you continue to look after it, you should have trouble free motoring.

If you look after the car, it will look after you!

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Review Date: 10th January, 2012

12th Jun 2012, 09:00

Thanks for that info, you have helped my decision.

VS Commodore it is, with factory LPG.

Great that this review isn't 10 years old.

1995 Holden Commodore Executive 3.8 litre Ecotec from Australia and New Zealand


Holden's and Australia's trophy car


Plenum chamber has a leak which leaked onto the BCM (computer), which was $650 to replace and install.

Wheel alignment was out from sale, which cost four new tyres.

Front left parking light and rear left indicator lights blown last year.

Roof lining sags (but there isn't one VS without sagging upholstery, I believe there's actually a marketed glue to fix the specific problem!).

General Comments:

The most reliable car, and I am glad to own it.

I live in Perth, and use it for work, and weekly I drive it about 20 to 25 hours per week.

Nothing wrong happens with it, and since I have owned it, I have only had to change the oil twice.

Being a P-plater, I can only afford 3rd party fire & theft, but for $3500, it drives forever, and I can confidently say it will keep driving for twenty years.

Off the line, it beats XR6 sedans, Silvia turbos, and every other rice burner with 6 subwoofers in the boot.

In terms of speed; had it off the clock at 4500rpm, and still slowly climbing (clock at 220km!), and it starts first time, every time, cold or hot mornings.

After reading so many other reviews on this website, I am so glad that I have had a car which has been serving me so well; the biggest disadvantage being the running cost, which is easily improved by converting to LPG.

In terms of room, I am 6"3, and when I put the drivers seat ALMOST all the way back, I can stretch my legs and not touch my feet on the floor. A few times after the pub, I have slept in the back and had a good nights sleep.

I have upgraded the CD player, and put in louder read 6 inch speakers, and another factory disadvantage is that the rear parcel shelf does shake with too much bass.

Compared to my old Liberty, it does burn more petrol, but comparing to friend's older AND newer Commodores, we worked out that my car, especially with the country driving that I do, burns much less petrol.

In my opinion, if someone wants to buy a car that can drive some ludicrous amount of kilometres and stay smooth, accelerate fast and hit crazy speeds for what it is, and to smoke every hoon in the suburbs who wears a flat cap and blasts RNB, a car that is a joy to drive with plenty of room and ride quality, and for a car that at the end of its life, I'm sure would make an amazing paddock car, I think I have got more out of my $3500 than anyone my age could hope for.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2010