1995 Holden Commodore S-Pack 3.8L V6 from Australia and New Zealand


It is not a cheap car, but in this case you do get what you pay for


Have had a slight leak from the power steering pump, at around 120,000kms, but that's the only mechanical problem that I have had for it so far.

One annoyance is a bit of a squeak coming from the front seats on occasion, and the gearbox is a bit noisy which I have been told is common on all Commodores with that type of gear box.

Another thing is two of the (whatever they are called)'s between the trim and the window glass have come loose.

General Comments:

This car has excellent performance and handling for what is basically a family car with stiffer suspension, a spoiler kit and a much nicer interior.

The car is a 5-speed manual with a track record of beating V8s and this is completely stock standard. It has excellent performance for what it is and I can only imagine how it will go with some performance modifications.

The suspension is not uncomfortable, but yet still handles well around tight corners.

All in all the car looks great (which I guess is only my opinion), goes great, handles well and is comfortable for a full carload of people as well. I would definitely not sell it without a very good reason.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2001

19th Aug 2006, 05:06

I have a Manual VS S-Pack and they absolutely fly, great long distance cruiser as well.

City fuel consumption is poor. but I love it and I too think they look great with a set of wheels.

27th Nov 2006, 21:35

I have a Manual VS S Pack, which I purchased second hand, and it still goes really well. It's now done 180,000kms and in the time I have owned it, I have replaced things as they have broken/died: electric window motor/switches, fuel pump, heater tap, radiator (which I think was either as a result of or the cause of the heater tap going).

I did have some major work done (cylinder head recondition), which I think was due to a previous owner being not so nice to the engine. Even before the fix, it still powered on.

It does burn oil, but moreso on long haul drives than city driving. On the highway I still get about 700km out of a full 60litre tank, which I think is pretty good for its age. I do get carbon build up and oil on two of my sparks, but I just use high temp sparks which I change as soon as I notice it misfiring (around 5000-8000kms dependant on how you drive it).

And the rubbers in the windows have all fallen down (the back ones "fell" after I had the front ones re-glued). You can fix this yourself with "Quick Grip".

And I do have a problem with the door lock when it has been raining (or if there is moisture in the air), which I have been told is a common problem. The door lock doesn't grab/open properly when opening with the remote key. Even after replacing the lock, it still does it. So you just have to open the car manually.

Overall I think its still a good car. I look after it and I expect to continue powering on for quite some time.

1995 Holden Commodore VS Exec V6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


At this time a cheap car to buy


Manual 5 speed overdrive fifth gear jumped out when engaged from new.

Oil leaks from new everywhere on the engine.

Power steering was faulty from new, replaced.

Engine uses oil at a rate of 1 litre between oil changes.

Coil pack has just gone wrong.

General Comments:

Car has ample power to safely get the family about and after the initial gearbox problem, it is a smart looking machine. It handles well even though I feel the rear shocks have reduced power in stopping body roll.

A deadly car for young drivers, too much power for the novice and the body is fairly light for a big car, so young dudes get a Japanese four cylinder Corolla for your first car and you can't help but save your dough.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2001

26th Aug 2001, 23:46

I think you're a bit harsh on the performance side of things! I'd give it a 8.5/10 or 9/10 at least. I have a 5 speed manual VS Executive and I think it absolutely hammers if you treat it right, and if you're not afraid to put the foot down! You're right about one thing, it can be a very dangerous car for novice's, and caution MUST be taken in the wet!

14th Nov 2002, 23:55

Nah, his performance rating is OK. Nissan Skyline GTR or Subaru WRX deserves 8 (or maybe 9) from 10, Holden Commodore V6 isn't that special! However it is quite grunty for what it is :-)

I totally agree that it's too much power for a young driver. The problem is these days, kids get into cars such as the 3.8 GM Buick V6 and think they are invincible, it's too late after they have caused a serious accident.

27th Apr 2003, 21:18

I have two commodores both VS and don't think they are overly powerful. One is an Acclaim auto and the other is an executive manual. The manual whines, but I understand that is quite normal while the Auto is a dream to drive. It has FE2 and a LSD with the standard IRS. I don't believe the auto will blow off a V8 but the manual might. I had a lot of problems with the auto regarding fuel consumption. Of course Holden would not acknowlege the problem, but 270 KM from 60 litres was a bit much I thought. After spending $300 I was able to determine that there was an earthing problem with one of the oxy sensors. Holden then came to the party and fixed the earthing problem, but that was all!

19th Apr 2005, 06:34

Well I have to agree with the respondent comments, I have owned my manual vs executive for 6 months now, and it has run smoothly since day one. With a cam-shaft and extractors, it holds a lovely rumble. overall it is a nice car to drive, and it pulls well with mates el xr6...

1995 Holden Commodore BT-1 VS 5.0 V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Ex pursuit V8's are well worn in, a good buy but expect some problems if not highly maintained


Voltage regulator went 20,000km later than normal.

Uni-joints make a clunking noise.

Because of the aftermarket EMC chip factory immobilizer being disabled, an aftermarket immobilizer is installed.

No resonator or catalytic convertor in the exhaust system.

General Comments:

Great car, has no problem getting to the speed limit.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2000

17th May 2001, 21:51

Have also purchased VS 97 BT1 Pack manual.

Diff needed rebuild, and a little rough on things eg broken engine mounts and exhaust manifold, and left untidy from the removal of police parts.

After a little tidy up the car has proved to be reliable and very fun to drive.

1995 Holden Commodore VS Utility 3.8 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


A beaut ute!!


Sticky speedo needle (common problem I discovered), module for the air flow direction in car, cruise control switch wore out!! Apart from these minor hiccups she is a beaut ute!

General Comments:

The only time I will own another make is if someone gave it to me.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2000

19th Feb 2005, 09:35

Falcon's Aren't Any Better Full Stop Mate.